Sunday, December 29, 2013

Faith Without Works is Still Faith

The Bible says that "Faith without works is dead,"
I was reading the blog of a very spiritual (Christian spiritual) person. He was pretty intelligent in his beliefs and very strong in his beliefs. Sadly, he passed away almost 2 years ago.
He also believed that 'faith without works is dead,' and this is where I got inspiration for today's post.

Having Faith isn't about doing good deeds to prove to God that you have faith in it? That doesn't seem like faith to me. By this passage, it seems like Faith is something that you need to earn.
Faith is something given to someone. Christians put their faith in God. Isn't that enough?

Well, honestly I don't see why God would be upset if someone doesn't do good deeds to prove they have faith. Yeah, it's nice to feed homeless people, but doing good things for others just to make sure you 'don't go to hell' isn't Faith at all. That is being afraid and trying to save your own rear.

If you truly want to help 'prove' to God that you have faith in him, know already that you are already 'In Paradise'. I believe that we do not go to hell. In fact, I don't believe that Hell is even a real place. Sure the Fallen Angels had to go somewhere, but the Christian version (many religion's versions actually) are wrong.

So with this knowledge, do good just because you can help people who need it. If you are looking for a reward or a 'thank you' then you are still doing things for personal reasons. The feeling of "Hey, that homeless man would be cold if I didn't give him my coat," should be enough.


Monday, December 23, 2013

The Nephilim (and King Og)

All my life, I have been a Christian. I went to church, Sunday school, said my prayers, took communion and read my Bible and obeyed the 10 commandments.

It wasn't until about a year and a half ago, maybe two, when I began to question things.
I had been 'going-through-the-motions' with church and I didn't really have more than a Daily Prayer relationship with God. I read a passage in the bible about the Nephilim.'

Genesis 6:4

4The Nephilim were on the earth in those days-and also afterwards. When the sons of God went to the daughters of humans (man, mortals etc.) and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

This passage shocked me at the time. Yes, I had read it before, but I didn't really catch it. I guess I wasn't interested.
So I got on my computer and began researching who the Nephilim were. The results were very surprising.

Several things that I found about them were very interesting. I'm going to take today to talk about the origins of the Nephilim.

The Watchers or Old

To start off, it is incredibly difficult for us to understand exactly WHO the Watchers were. As they did not originate on Earth, or even our dimension, we don't know exactly how they came into being, what the naturally look like or even what they are. But from old stories and records, we are able to figure out a little bit about them.

Back in the days of Noah, it seems that some of the watchers (200 was the number given) began to feel emotions towards the humans. The Bible says that they went to the daughters of men, but I believe that, as the Watchers have no gender, they were able to take the chosen form of either of the two genders and went to those that they chose.
Anyway, The Watchers were one of the higher ranking angels (if you can call it a 'rank') in Heaven. They were able to come and go to Father God's own throne (Job 2:1 Bible) when the pleased. So they were high 'rank'.
But The Watchers were forbid to mix their DNA with humans (have children), but 200 of the did. Some sources say that they were cast out of Heaven, and punished. They were no longer able to go before God and were never able to live in Heaven again.

As time went on, the immortal Watchers could not breathe in the source energy of Father God. They began to lose their immortality and eventually died. If any survived, no one knows.
But their children became very powerful. Goliath and his four brothers were Nephilim. David and his men knew of their kind too, because they all knew to be afraid of the armies that Goliath was with. It felt like none could kill him.
I believe that the Greek gods were either Watchers or Nephilim, too. Then you have the Norse gods and all the deities of ancient times.
People back then didn't make religions out of fake people. Their origins were just unknown, so they were embellished upon greatly.

With that in mind, our ancestors don't seem crazy at all to me. Ancient technology, monuments like the pyramids and Stonehenge seem like small feats of their strength...if they were built by them.
There are even hundreds of pictures (both real and fake) or giants and the bones that were found. Men that were 20 feet tall, but history has given us stories about men who were greatly taller. Some of The Watchers were even said to be 300 feet tall, but as I have found little to no evidence, I don't know if it is true or not. Possible, yes, but true...I don't know.

King Og for one is another mystery. I have read that he was around during the flood. It also said that the flood waters came up to his knees, and he survived by walking around!
Biblical text say he was 12ish feet tall (8 cubits) but people forget that a cubit was only as long as the rulers arm. So if Og was thirty feet tall (just say) a cubit would be significantly longer. 

According to Wikipedia, The Talmud further embellishes in fantastic detail that Og was so large that he sought the destruction of the Israelites by uprooting a mountain so large, that it would have crushed the entire Israelite encampment. Moses, fulfilling the LORD's injunction not to fear him, seized a spear of ten cubits length, and jumped a similar vertical distance, succeeding in stabbing Og in the ankle. The LORD then caused Og's teeth to lengthen until they grew into the mountain he held aloft; millions of ants then swarmed into his mouth, killing him. 

Either way, these giants were around. If their might (and height) were greatly embellished, their feats of strength still seem amazing.


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Special Announcement!

As of today (December 22, 2013) I have started a Soul Phoenix page on Facebook!
It may not seem very exciting, but I hope that I can use it to reach out to new people on another source!

Hope to see you guys there!

Click the link if you want. :)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Is Religion Useful?

Religion is something that has had it's good and bad uses.
People have been killed in the name of religion, but it has also given people hope.
Like many things in our life, Religion is a tool. It should either be a tool that you use for good, or leave it alone.

Religion is really something that has brought much hate into existence. Though it isn't always the fault of the 'believers'.

I'll give you an example: The Crusades.

The Crusades were all about the Christians 'cleansing' the Muslims. The priests lied to the soldiers, telling them that "This is the path to heaven!" and other crap like that. They kept brainwashing them saying that "God willed it!"
I'm not saying that the soldiers were 100% victims in these events. Many were power hungry anyway, but the Crusades were pretty much the Religious Leader's fault. They wanted land and the wealth that came with it. But the Muslims were standing in their way. So what better way then to turn countries against them "In the name of God!"

I find it very...insulting shall we say, when people hate on the Crusaders. They were only following what thought were 'God's Orders'.
If someone that you trusted highly told you that you and your families would die (burn in hell?) if you didn't stop this 'bad guy' from doing something...would you stop them?
I know I would want to help.

So I would say that Religion would be useful to many people. Not in a bad way though.
The 'Christian' God is real, or at least something exactly like him (though not as the 'Bible' portrays him, most-likely). Religion is good to offer someone hope, a purpose in life and can save lives. 
Though it does have it's bad parts, Religion is good for SOME people.


Sunday, December 8, 2013


With recent events of my Grandma passing away, I've been asked a few times about 'how I am handling it?'

Well...aside from me saying "I'm alright," I haven't really told anyone the truth.
Even though my Grandma (who also happened to be one of my best friends) is gone in this life, I'm taking it rather well. In fact, I'm quite happy about the entire thing. I don't like the fact that she is gone, and I don't like how she left, but aside from that, it is my view of death that kept me happy about it.

I'll explain...

Have you ever been reading a really amazing book, or watched a TV series that you love, or played a video game that you just had to keep playing to see the end? You go through it expecting the author/writer to come to a good conclusion at the end. But when you reach the last leaves you with a cliffhanger.

My point is this. Life is like that book, show or game. You go through life without knowing what is at the end of this book. Sometimes it is fast, slow, happy, angry, easy, hard or sad. But when you finally reach the end, death, that is your cliffhanger. You don't know what happens until the next book (the Afterlife) is published.
When you 'die' you know all the answers. Your cliffhanger is finally understood. Everything in the 'book' makes sense, you understand every good thing and every bad thing. 

Looking at death this way, made me feel better about my Grandma leaving. I knew she was just at a different chapter and that our stories would connect again in the future.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gaining God's Favor

Several religions in the world believe that you need to gain God's favor in order to gain entry to Heaven.
Christian's seem to have the strongest view of this (in my experience at least) and I've always NOT liked this.

Viewed from the Christian viewpoint, God created ALL of us out of love. Nothing can separate us from his love...except for sinning. If we were to sin (which the Bible claims that all of us do) if we do not ask for forgiveness, we will be sent to hell.

Other's view that God judges us all after we die, and we have a review of our life and are sent to the appropriate spot. But seeing as all of us sin, I guess we all end up in hell.

Well...I don't believe God is like that. Why would someone who loves us more than anything send us to hell for a few white lies? A man who is responsible for the death of hundreds is just as guilty as the little child that told a little lie to their parents? How does that sound fair?

I'm not saying that people can get away with adultery, murder, theft or all that...but think of it this way.

When we die, we go back up to what Christian's call: Heaven, no matter what. After our life is complete, maybe we are sent to a special room to review our life in front of Father God (or who ever, be creative at this point). Now in Heaven, we are beings of pure light and joy, keep this in mind, as it will come up later.
Upon reviewing our lives, we see everything we have ever done. Every bad thing we did really has an affect on us. We feel what it was like for us and the people that we harmed. Being a person of pure love and joy, these emotions take their tole on us.

But not all is lost. Our 'punishment' if you like, is to make up for what we did wrong. Reincarnation for example, is a way we can try it again.

Now in Heaven, some people say that it would be boring, because everyone is all 'goodie- goodie' and nothing bad would happen. Well, after a feeling of "did he just say that?" I knew how foolish this is. Heaven is a place where negative emotions/energies can not be. But it isn't boring at all.
There most-likely are parties, dances, feasts (many mythologies say that there are eternal feasts in Valhalla, etc), think of anything fun and pull out any negativity in it then add it to the afterlife. That's what it will be like.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Religious Sunglasses

So I've been doing a lot of things this week.
I've reached 25,000 words for my November word challenge ( and I have basically created an entire timeline for an entire galaxy for that book.
Not only that, but I've had time to think.

Picture yourself walking down a beautiful path. The ground beneath you is gravel. There are thick patches of grass that has pushed it's way through the gravel, making the ground very uneven. Thick lines of trees grow on both sides of the path, creating both a wall and a roof for you. Through the tops of the leaves you can see the sun shining down on you. The further you go, the more sparse the ceiling of leaves become. Soon, two suns, shining brightly in your eyes. You are able to see the entire landscape ahead of you clearly. Your vision is clear and you can see thousands of stars and galaxies in the sky above and around you. It is beautiful.

Now, out of nowhere, a pair of sunglasses fall at your feet. You put them on to see if you can see anything more.
Now these galaxies vanish, leaving you standing on the road. The landscape around you is covered in fog, only letting you see what is right in front of you.
The light of the sun now is dimmed. The glasses make it hard to see anything clearly.

Soon, you begin to think that seeing the galaxies and the beauty around you as unimportant or even sinful!
The sun that was once so warm and bright, is not cooler and very dim. You are awestruck at the sun, but you only see one. You have forgotten about the second sun that once was very beautiful. You think 
"That second sun is just a story. There is only one sun!"
More people show up and they are wearing sunglasses too. They also believe that two suns were false, and that the beauty around you is false.
But after awhile, you begin to remember something. You begin to look above your glasses and you catch glimpses of something.
Excited, you take off the glasses and are blinded with new light. It isn't a bad thing, you soon adjust and are able to explore again. The beauty comes back and you see the thousands of stars and galaxies again. There is even a second sun up in the sky, and you scold yourself for ever forgetting something so beautiful.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Age of the Universe

Greetings everyone!

I have a very short topic this week, but I have a very good reason for this.
I am part of a 50,000 word challenge this month and I haven't had a lot of time to think about my blog.
Though never fear! I will be doing my best to post weekly.


According to some, the Earth is only 6-8 thousand years old. Seeing as 'God' created the Earth and the Universe at the same time, then the Universe must be the same age, right?

Well...look at it this way. If the Universe is only 6,750 years old...why can we see stars?
When we see stars in the night sky, we are actually seeing light that has traveled to earth from that star. This is where a Light Year comes into play. Though not a unit of time, Light Years can tell us a great deal about time itself.

For Example:

The Great Andromeda Nebula (A.K.A Andromeda Galaxy) is roughly 2,538,000 light years from earth. The light radiating from that galaxy can be seen from if that light is real, 2,538,000 years should have passed in order for us to see it."

People need to accept the fact that we have believed lies. It may be hard to believe for some, but the Earth isn't a few thousand years old.


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Emotions Part #2

Sadness is an emotion that is at large in the world today.
Thousands of people suffer from sadness on a daily basis.
If sadness is just another emotion, why doesn't out 'Emotion Fog' (See Emotional Energy post) run out as fast? What is depression?

Depression isn't just intense sadness. It is something built up inside someone. It started out as just plan emotion, but maybe an event triggered it and it became worse? What was that event?

Once you find out what even caused the sadness to become depression, you can start to destroy it.
Events are a massive force that shape us, even the smallest event can spur us onward, change our lives, change another person's life, do great things or even bad things to us.

I'll explain some events that may trigger depression:

How to Deal with a Bad Relationship: I have never been in a relationship, so many people wouldn't want to hear my advice on this subject. But I know how I want to be treated in a relationship, and how I would treat my partner, plus, I have had reincarnations before, so I can get the basic idea.

A good relationship can come to an end, either the Universe pulled us apart or we just couldn't do it anymore. Either way, the relationship is over. Dealing with this would seem devastating, depending on how intense of a relationship it was. But meditating in the middle of nature can help greatly here. Not only will you find out that something still loves you, you will also discover that the earth itself wants your affection.

Any breakup should be dealt with gently. Don't put yourself back out there if you aren't ready. Don't go looking for someone who reminds you of the person you broke up with, even if that guy/girl was the nicest person you have ever met. Look for someone completely new if you are ready.
Also, if it gets worse for you, don't feel bad about talking to someone. Get out there and release those negative energies that are inside your heart. Get them out there, find out that you are special and that there is always someone that loves you.

Losing your Best Friend: Personally, I have felt this. There was one friend who we spent time with pretty much every day in the summer, and as often as we could during the school year. Then one week he just didn't call or show up anywhere. He changed schools and stopped being friends with us. It sucked. For months my brother and I didn't have anyone else (aside from our family) to hang out with.
If this has happened to you, don't worry. Like what with happened with me, there is always someone. It was around this time that I grew super close with my grandparents. Not only were they my family, they also became my best friends. It may seem lame, but they were both pretty cool people.
Even if that person isn't your age, it doesn't mean that they can't be a friend of yours (people in different situations should be cautious though).
When you lose a best friend, get back out there and look for another friend. You would be surprised at just who wanted your attention. New friends are just waiting to be discovered. Keep looking.

Losing those who are no longer with us: People die, it's just that simple. It sounds harsh, but in reality, death is a beautiful thing, even if the person suffered first. When we die, we move on to another place. This new place is beautiful and full of great things. It is full of happiness and no one hurts there. Some call it Heaven, but it doesn't need a name. It just simply is beautiful.

Though it is hard losing someone, you need to remember the good times you spent with them. Picture them when they were healthy and happy. Picture you favorite times with them, keep their love alive by remembering them by how they were, not how they ended up. Still love them, honor them, burn a candle on their birthday just to honor them. Anything positive. Cry if you need to, but you need to create positive emotions when you think of them.

In the days leading up to my grandmother's passing, I gave her a quartz crystal from my collection. I didn't know why, I just felt the urge to give it to her. When she passed, I got this crystal back. I kept it on my shelf for a while, until I was able to go to my favorite spot up north. I went there with my Grandma once, and she said it was beautiful. She loved how the water sounded and she just really liked the place.
When I was there, I found a place where I was alone and I said my good-bye to her. I told her that I loved her. I put all the sadness I felt into the crystal and I threw it out into the waves. Since then, I haven't felt any sadness about her death. Every time I think of her, it is a happy memory.

More soon!

P.S. It helps to talk to Mother God. She understands the emotional side of things and is there and will comfort you. If you need to vent, she is there for you.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Emotional Energy

All throughout our lives, we experience emotions. It doesn't matter how much people want to deny it, we all feel them. But what exactly do we do with them?

First off, I want to talk about happiness.

Happiness is an emotion that almost everyone can enjoy. We smile more, we can sleep better, our bodies can function better and most people enjoy being around happy people.
But when we are happy, bad news doesn't seem to have that much of an affect on us.
But why does this 'Happy Spree' end? If we are nearly invincible to bad news, why do we stop being happy?

Picture emotions like a colorful fog. Any color. This fog is floating inside a clear glass jar. There is a small spout at the top of this jar, which empties the fog out into the world. Every time you laugh (or do something else that makes you happy) a little bit of this fog goes out of the spout and is lost in the world. 
When the fog runs out, there is no emotion left.

Being human, we never go without emotions. When our 'emotional fog' runs out, our mind either makes more of the same kind or a new emotion.

Bottling up our emotions are a bad thing. This is why people who hold onto their anger physically change. Some people can gain weight, lose weight, become bitter or even get sick. 
One would think that keeping happiness bottle up would do the opposite as anger, right? Most likely not. Emotions are not meant to be kept hidden. 

Releasing our emotions is very important. I'll give an example.

Releasing Anger makes it easier for people to calm down. Crying, screaming or even hitting things helps us get rid of that. After a good long cry, most humans tend to calm down and relax. 

Screaming does the same thing. It is a massive release of tension.
Don't think so? Why do you think people scream or raise their voices when they are angry?

Also, hitting things can do the same as above, but it has more of a risk. One should never hit something that can feel pain or discomfort. You should never hit things that could injure you either.
But people have punching bags that they take their anger out on. It seems to work too.

If we are to Release Our Emotions, why are we Taught to Keep Them to Ourselves?
Change. People have forgotten our spirituality, and also our control over our emotions. American civilization doesn't recognize anger as something good. Instead of trying to overcome something natural is very hard. Embracing it is easier. 

Embracing Anger? Why Would Anyone Do This?
Don't picture 'Embracing your Anger' as turning to the Dark Side, picture it like you are able to embrace it, control it and master it. The sooner you master it, the sooner you can learn from it.

Why are Emotions so Important?
Emotions make us what we are. Though it is true that we are not the only species that have emotions, we do have the potential to master them. Mastering your emotions can get you another step closer to being more at one with yourself.

Monday, October 14, 2013

What Exactly is God

People all have different views on God. Even in a specific religion, they can have multiple views on what a 'god' is, and some don't believe it.
Those who are skeptic of God, stay with me. 

God is viewed as many different things, a Warrior, a pacifist, a tyrant, a hippie, an old man, a young man, a woman, a dragon, a child, a beast, a two-headed giant, a flying creature, the list goes on and on.

But (if you are skeptic of God, just pretend for a moment) if God is one 'being' why do people see him differently? Or why do people think that there are more than one god? (like the Greeks did).

In my point of view, God is a being of pure consciousness and energy. Picture a cloud of white or gold mist that covers the Universe. Obviously, a deity with no form is powerful enough to change his shape, so he does.
I also believe that the Universe runs on 'Male and Female' energy (there is nothing sexist about these energies). Om-Father (God) is the male polarity and the Mother Goddess (Azna) is the female polarity. Yin and Yang was a prime example of this energy.

Now, if you missed my previous posts, I'll give you a brief understanding of Male and Female Energies.

Male: Male energy is focused, determined and doesn't leave room for creativity. It is 'By-the-Book'

Female: Female Energy is creative, free thinking and artistic. This energy rarely follows the directions because it dampens one's creativity.

Note: Male and Female energy is inside both genders. If a man is incredibly right-brained (where the female energy resided) it doesn't make him 'girly' or anything like that. It isn't what makes the gender, it is an energy.
If a man feels more creative or a woman feels more by-the-book, don't worry about it. Embrace it.

Why do People View God as Female, but not as Mother God?
Sadly, this is mostly because of the great war on genders. Yes, there are some people who claim to have seen God as a woman, this is because of two reasons. 

1. God came to them in a form that they would be more at peace with.

2. Mother God came to them, but didn't tell them that she was Mother God (because they may not have asked)

Yes, part of God's energy is female, and the other half is male. Life/spirit can not be without both polarities.

What Exactly do the Male and Female Energies have to do with Physical Genders?
Very little. A man being incredibly right brained (or female energetic) doesn't make him homosexual, it makes him right brained. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you are more 'opposite gender energy' because it has very little to do with it.

Why did the Ancients Have More Gods?
Well, I can't speak for every culture, but the Greeks (remember, this isn't proven, but I chose to believe it) had their gods, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Aries, Apollo, Aphrodite, etc, were all real beings. Remember an earlier post about the Nephilim? Well this is them. They came to earth and were immortal (humans are not immortal) they were very strong, giants, and some had control over elements (lightning, the oceans...). This is clearly a non human race.

There is more to come, but as for right now, Namaste!


Season #2 Start Up and 1,000 views!

Hello again everyone!

I know I didn't make it clear when I left, but I decided to take a break. It was a really rough time in my life and I was struggling with some inner energies. I had to get myself back in order before I could begin...teaching (if you will) again.

But now with everything cleared up, I am back!

Also, in this day-and-age of technology, having 1,000 people view your blog isn't much to some...but to me it is amazing! It was a good inspiration for me to get back in the saddle again. Thank you to everyone!

Now I have a few plans, but I decided to start the 'season' out with a Topic on God Energy.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Question Week...again

I was going to talk about another topic today, but I've had these questions that I've wanted to answer. Besides, it's been a busy month lately. I haven't had much time to plan topics.

Here we go, Question 1.

1. Why Should We Believe in a God?
You don't have to believe in anything. You charted your life, so if you didn't want to come into life believing in a deity, don't feel like you need to search for one. Just take what life gives you.

In Christianity, I was taught that people who didn't believe in God, went to hell.
Then I got to thinking "What about the Indians? They didn't know about the 'Christian' God, they were never taught. Then when the 'White man' came, they didn't want to believe in their God, because some of the White Men were cruel.
So...according to Christians, there are no Indians in Heaven?
I didn't like that.

2. Where is the Soul located in the body?
This question can not be truly answered, but many people believe that it is located in the Pineal Gland (right beneath your forehead) or through the eyes "The eyes are the window to a person's soul," sort of thing. But you are your soul. So where ever you are, that is where your soul is.

3. Is God Real?
I believe so. You don't need proof to have faith, but you do need proof to satisfy other people's thinking.
but if someone is worried about you believing in God and not about you as a person, they are not worth hanging around.
Religion was created by people who believe that they have had an experience with 'God'. Don't follow a religion if you don't need to do so. Look into the history of the beliefs, don't follow anything blindly.

4. If Life is About Happiness, why is there Negativity in the World?
Unfortunately, Free-Will gives us the right to be unhappy, as well as being happy. If you haven't found happiness in you life, begin to meditate on what makes you happy.

5. If we Chart all of our Choices in Life, why would anyone Choose to Starve, or be born into a Terrible Life?
Maybe they chose it, maybe they didn't. But there are many people alive today that are not sharing the goodness of the Universe. As a result, there are countries of starving people and people without access to many good things.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Saying "Good bye" verses Saying "See you Later"

When people die, pretty much 80% of people believe that they will get to see their loved ones again, in some sort of afterlife or another. When possible, they gather around the dying person to say their goodbyes and their final words with them. But why exactly do we do this?

Just recently, I had to say my parting words with a close loved one who had passed away. Pretty much my entire immediate family was there to say goodbye. While saying goodbye is good closure for everyone, I thought it best to only say "See you later".

Why? I'll explain:

I didn't say goodbye because it was too hard, but in my mind, saying 'goodbye' makes one think that you may not see them again. While saying "See you later" means just that. My grandmother passed on, but I know I'll see her again, I know I will. I'm sad to have seen her go, especially in the way that she went, but I'm not sad because I don't think I'll ever see her again, I'm sad because I'll have to wait a long time before I do.

Like my friend explained: "When someone dies, they don't really go away. They just go on vacation for a little bit. They go on ahead to make sure everyone will be happy there when the rest of us arrive. Some get the grill fired up, others start making the drinks."

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Hey everyone,

I'm still here and writing when I can, but my family has hit a real rough patch recently.
I should be back on schedule this Sunday though.

Hold in there!


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ben Soul Phoenix on "Lilith"

So it is said that Lilith was Adam's first partner/wife. She wouldn't accept Adam's authority, so she rebelled and left him. She 'disobeyed' Adam and God.
After she left, God created Eve.

So how could she disobey God when sin was not yet in the world? Disobeying is a sin, is it not? Especially when you disobey God!

Also, later texts are very clear on the fact that Lilith was one of the demons, but also the Queen of demons.
Demons are not human, correct?

God was later upset with the Nephilim because they had children with mortals. He didn't like the species being mixed. So...why would he send a nonhuman to be Adams wife anyway? I'm pretty sure God knew what would happen with them, he even told them to multiply! So why do something that you know you don't like?

Some sources say that Lilith only became a demon AFTER she spoke the true name of God. Why would our Holy Creator's name turn you evil and vile? That doesn't make any sense! What if God's name was Phil, or Joe? So anyone talking to a Phil or Joe is not a demon? What if someone accidentally spoke Gods name? I don't want to turn into a demon! Especially if I didn't mean it!

After Adam was alone, God didn't think it right that man should be lonely, so he created a 'submissive' partner for him. Sounds like the church saying women are scum and men are God's gift, to me.

Some people believe that Lilith (like many other female characters of the bible) was heavily disliked by the church. She was a strong female who wouldn't take crap from anyone, so they made her evil and made an example from her.

I can't say that I believe 100% that Lilith was completely good, but I can't say she was evil either. If you follow the Bible, Adam and Eve hadn't sinned yet, so there wasn't evil in the world. But if you follow old legends, Lilith was angry. And with most anger, sin follows.

But if she was evil or not, who am I to judge her?

Sources for the Curious Ones:

Ben Soul Phoenix on "We Have it All Wrong,"

In Christianity, they say that no one deserves God, no one deserves Heaven, and we all deserve to go to hell.

Wait, wait, wait! No! Who though of this? Of course God loves us!
What parent would stone their child to death for telling one little lie? What parent would allow their child to die, just because they messed up a few times? I know God wouldn't!

Yes we mess up.
Yes we really are jerks at times.
Yes we sin.
But God is all loving, and nothing can ever take away that love...except for sinning. Then you go to hell for all eternity...

God created us because he knew he would love us. He knew sin would enter the world, he just had to give Adam and Eve the choice. He isn't controlling. He gave us free will. In order for Free Will to work, there must first be several choices.
God knew this. He isn't sending anyone to Hell. It specifically says that God created hell for the devil and his angels. Well...humans are not the devil or fallen Angels. So where did this idea even come from?

Now I'm not saying that you are now able to do anything you want. Don't kill or steal. Life is about being happy, but also sharing the happiness. Don't spread darkness or harm. Make life happy for everyone you meet. That is what life is about, not impressing God. We are already in heaven with him. The 'you' that you are right now is an extension of your Higher Self. That Higher Self is in heaven already.

Ben Soul Phoenix on "Creation"

For hundreds of years (if not thousands) people have argued the creation of our Universe.

1."The Big Bang created all things, and still continues to create new things."
2. "Humanity is nothing more than an accident."

3. "God Created all things in 6 days."
4. "Om-Father and Mother Azna created all things."

5. "Satan is really disguised as God, and he created all things."

1. In order for the Big Bang to have taken place, their must have been something there to start it. Nothing just doesn't move into nothing and create everything. It's literally impossible (I am aware that there are other 'theories' on how this happened, but that takes away the original idea of a Big Bang if you keep changing it).
Also, sound doesn't travel in space, so really it was just a big, silent explosion if anything.
It's hard for me to believe this theory.

2. That's a pretty big accident. Who made the accident? Was it aliens? a fluke, or was it some ancient star being who was messing around with chemicals? If we are an accident, how are we so perfectly made? How are we able to create beautiful things, how are we able to feel emotions and pain? How can we speak and understand each other? Humanity is one race with many languages. Other species can always understand each other, because of communication. But two humans who speak different languages into one room, they have no clue what the other is saying.
If humanity is an accident, this theory is an accident.

3. I believed in this for a long time. But it poses the problem of "Where did God come from?"
That is easy to answer. If there is a being as powerful as God (I know there is, but just for arguments sake) is it really hard to believe that this Universe isn't his first that he had created? Even scientists hold theories of other Universes being real, so why couldn't God have come from there?
But back to the 6 day makes no sense. Why would God make plant life before the sun? How did the plants grow? If you plant seeds and cut off their life supply, they aren't going to grow. Any farmer/gardener can tell you that. The Creation Story in the Bible makes little sense to me.

Day #1 "God separated the light from the darkness," 
What does this mean? There are no stars yet, so what was giving off light? Darkness is the absence of light, so if light wasn't created yet, there is no 'darkness'. But anyway, let's keep going.

Day #2 "God created an expanse to separate the waters and called it sky. There were no oceans yet, only a fog that served as the atmosphere. God 'hovering over the water' describes him above the atmosphere,"
Wait...where did he create sky? Not every planet has water! Where is he? Is he still working with his Universal lamp? (the light from day #1) Where is the sun? Is this even Earth? What is going on?

Day #3 "God separated the waters and made 'land' he called the water 'seas'. The first plants also sprung forth." 
So there wasn't any land prior to the fog stuff? Earth was like Jupiter, I guess. But earth would have been really hot...above boiling point if there was fog (or super cool) so how would planet survive this? There wasn't any sun giving them vitamins to grow what's up?

Day #4 "God created the Sun, Moon and the Stars to give light to the earth and to serve as markers of the seasons."
So the light from Day #1 wasn't the sun! I knew it. So what happened to that other light source? Did God no longer need it?
Also...Earth was the first thing in space to be created? What was it orbiting? It wasn't in any Galaxy either, so it was just alone in space?  Not even the moon was there?
When did God create gravity? 

Day #5 "God filled the oceans with life and the skies with birds. He told them to be fruitful and multiply," So there wasn't insects around yet. Don't a lot of birds eat insects? Were those birds sitting around talking about how hungry they were? 

Day #6 "God created the rest of the land animals, he also created man. Adam." So what did Adam eat? Plants...animals...what? I doubt there was death in those days, so he ate plants? Apparently so, because God told him not to eat from one tree. 
And when did Eve get into the picture? Day 6...7 or later? Adam being alone for ten minuets is hardly enough time for him to realize he was alone. Also...the feeling of being alone is bad. Why was there bad stuff in the world, God? Adam didn't eat the fruit yet!

Day #7 "God decided to take the day off and rest. He made it holy, and mandatory to rest one day out of the week," just created all of creation. I like that you took the day off. Also...when did God create the bad fruit? What about Lilith? Where did Eve come from, what about the other humans? The other species on other planets? The atmospheres and waters on the other planets? When did you create the other planets?

Alright, so I know creation happened, I'm happy that it did! But I don't think the Bible had it right. After all, Adam didn't write Genesis, he was dead before it was written. So it was bound to get messed up a little.
I'm not bad mouth God at all, but the Bible's Creation just leaves too many questions.

4. Om-Father and Azna created all things. God uses his energy to keep all the Universes together. Mother Azna gave us emotions, as we were a dull race without them. She interacts with us and helps us. God holds all of His reality together.
(I believe this one!)

5. Satan is not disguised as God!
End of story.


Monday, August 5, 2013

What Makes us Stronger?

All throughout life, people make us believe that we should do what other people do.
"Go to school, get a job, go to college, work hard, save for retirement, die happy,"

Life is not about hardships and punishments. Life is about personal happiness (but share that happiness, don't spread negative or pain)

School is the best example of this: "You need to be the best, you need to pass with good grades or you will not make it in life, you need to graduate, you need to do what we say to succeed in life."

This cycle has gone on for too long, and it hasn't produced anything good. We are at a record high of depression and suicides. Schools are full of bullies and young people ruining their physical health to finish studying. People get out of school and go to a goo college to get a good job in order to pay off their debts. In the end, people regret their decisions in life.
Many people believe that money can not buy happiness, but they sure do spend an awful amount of time trying to make as much money as possible.

That alone should be enough to say that we are doing something wrong. Parents are forcing their children to get jobs to save up for retirement, and we leave our spirituality behind. We are here to work on our spirituality and spread joy. We are not here on this planet to get a job just so some rich person can get richer.

Life is what you need it to be. Don't do things just because others say you need to do it. Only you know what you have planned on your Life Chart. Only your Spirit Guides have access to this. No one else. You know what you need to do. Follow what your inner self says. Trust it and trust the Universe to care for you.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013


People have used candles for a long time. They have many uses.
A person sitting in front of a candle meditating, has been popularized to be a pagan ritual or something to do with a witch. Even though they use candles, that doesn't make candles good or bad.

Candles have many uses that we can use without worry of anything unknown. If you take a candle (make sure the color fits your mood) light the candle and make sure it is the only light source in the room. Now take a seat (make sure you are not holding the candle, as you may fall asleep and drop it) and put your hands around the candle. Now think about all the bad things you want to get rid of, and imagine them burning up in the flame of the candle. Take as long as you need with this part. Make sure it is all burned up.

Now be at peace, all your problems are gone. If you still feel bad about it, keep repeating this as often as you need. (Also, stop thinking about it. If you keep thinking about it, you aren't allowing it to burn in the candle)

Candles are used in rituals (both goo and bad) but I haven't learned about them yet. Candles are much more then for looking good or making the area smell nice. They are very valuable to our spiritual nature.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

What is Heaven?

Heaven is not a place where 'only good people' go when they die. It's more like a large place with endless possibilities.

There is no evil there, because no one wants to harm anyone else. There is so much love and positive energy there that evil can not take place.

We are still free thinkers, but not quite the same as here on Earth. In heaven, we can build anything. We can do almost anything. We are not 'gods' but we are not really limited in what we can do. Picture it as building your own 'world' but with almost no limits on anything.

Many people actually despise heaven, because they think it's all goodie goodie and It's nothing like that. It's could be more like everyone is there for a good party and festivals and dancing, music, laughter, food, beyond beautiful landscapes, and just anything good. When there say there is 'no bad' they mean that there is no death, no loss, everything is equal, no wrong upon anyone. Stuff like that.
Heaven is a place where the energies are all positive and everyone is happy.

Question Week!

Is it Wrong to Love More Than One Person While in a Relationship?
There are several ways of looking at this question, and I'm not so sure I'll have the right one. But I'll give it a shot...

When two people feel love towards one another, chances are they will be in a relationship. Why is this? People have these feelings not because of hormones or chemical reactions, but because of the matching vibrations/energies that they have. Yes, an all around happy person will be giving off good energy. People will be drawn to that. People who hate everything give off bad energies, people will stay away from that.
When one person loves/likes another, they feel 'in-tune' with their vibrations that are given off. So...being attracted to two different vibrations is a good thing. One person can not give off several vibrations.
But this doesn't mean that you should be taking on several spouses because of it. 
If you are married, and you like being around another person, this doesn't always mean you are 'cheating'. You do not belong to any one human. (But commitments should be honored)

Do All Things Happen for a Reason?
Simple answer. No. Not all things happen for a reason. Although many things in life are planned for a specific purpose, not all things are. We are creatures of free will, as are many other species on our planet. Some things are going to just happen.

Are We Alone in the Universe?
I honestly don't know why this question keeps popping up. It should be clear by now. No, we are not alone in the Universe. The Universes are unending. New things pop up all the time and they have been for thousands of decades. What are the chances of us being alone?

Also, people may say "Well, the Universe is huge because it is there to glorify God,"...then why doesn't everyone have a way to explore the Universe? If the Universe is there to 'glorify God' and we are the only beings...why would he make us sit here and wait? GIVE US SPACESHIPS!!!!
No...we are not alone in this Universe.

Would You Break the Law for a Loved One?
What did they do? What is the punishment for breaking said law? Would I start jaywalking to keep my Grandmother from getting hit by a truck? Yes.
It would really depend on what the intensity would be. Also, I think most of my loved-ones would not want me to throw my life away, so I would hope they would understand.

What Would you do Differently, if No one Could Judge you (to your face and behind your back)
I would tell everyone about my spiritual beliefs. I know several family members would be rather upset or wouldn't understand. I would talk to my previous church about what I think is wrong with that religion, and would ask their humble opinion about the stuff I would bring up. I would tell people that I pray to Mother God. I would tell people about my Spirit Guide and help them to be able to talk to theirs. 

How do You Feel About The Death Sentence?
I honestly don't like it. 
"You kill one person, now we kill you," is just sort of...stupid. Wouldn't the person carrying out the death sentence be required to receive it then? Or is he protected by the law?
If someone killed 35 people and hacked apart their bodies and were gross with them, I honestly don't think we should kill them. I don't know what else to do with them...but death just seems barbaric.

What is Meaning of Life?
To be happy. Spread the happiness, and don't hurt anyone in the process. That is what life is about.

Don't forget to Hydrate!

Monday, July 15, 2013


What to do with Mother Azna,

If you have prayed to Father Om (God) before, you already know how to speak with Azna. But prayer isn't the only way to speak with her. Simply speak to her. She will listen to you at any time.

She will answer prayers in the way she sees best, assist you and aid you when you need her. 

To get her protection (she always protects us, but it makes you feel better if you are afraid) all you need to do is picture her beautiful white light surrounding you. She will come to you in the form you will be most comfortable in, so describing what she looks like is almost impossible. 
She wields a beautiful golden sword that she used to protect us. Picture Her standing over you, holding your hand, anything you feel best with.

She is here to help us, as we are Her's. She doesn't get the recognition that she deserves, although She doesn't seem to personally require it. She seems to help us weather or not we know she is there.
Give her your time, pray to her, talk to her, ask her advice.

She loves us, as we should her.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Are Ghosts an Spirit's Evil?

Recently, there has been many releases of possession, haunting and other dangerous 'other world' phenomenon. Personally, I believe them to all be fake, and poor interpretations of what really goes on with the 'other realm' visitors.

Ghosts are very rarely evil. When people say "ghosts feed off your energy" they don't mean that they are slowly draining you of life or that they are killing you. No. They feed on the energy we give off (like fear). This energy is worthless to us, and is floating around. You may feel dizzy or get a headache when close to a ghost, but this is because of the ghost trying to communicate with you, or for other harmless meanings.

Evil Spirits Possessing humans is completely blown out of context. A ghost can not kick us out of our bodies, even if we are in Astral Projection. Nothing can do that.
Now a spirit can try an live in a living body with the human, but only if we allow it. This doesn't work for ever, because one body can only have one pilot. People 'channel' themselves to allow other higher dimensional beings to communicate through them, but this is not permanent.

Hollywood is completely making us afraid of spirits and other beings that are out there. If we keep manifesting these things, they will start to happen, or...seem like they are happening. Spirit Guides and other spiritual like beings are not all dangerous. Know that your angels and guides are there to help and protect you. Always speak to them first, because there are some spirits out there that try to trick and harm you (though not as many as you think). Make sure you make it clear that you are going to be speaking to YOUR guides and angels, when you try to make contact. Speak with them before you move on to 'strangers'.

But Hollywood is all for show. Their movies are fake:
Yes they are fake. They are for entertainment purposes, but we can still subconsciously manifest that 'reality' into existence. Spirits are real. Respect that they are all around us.

If they are all around us, where are these spirits?
They walk around us all the time. They are on a different vibration state (also another dimension) so we can not see them so easily. I'm sure they can see us, because we interact with them and they with us. In order to see them, you need to increase your vibration. (I have not done this, so I can not offer you advice at this time)

Should we be afraid of them?
No. They are part of out everyday lives, weather we know it or not. There has always been spirits walking around us, so being afraid of something now that has been there forever is just foolish.

Then why are we still afraid of them?
We don't see them. We are programmed to be afraid of things that we can not see or understand. Ghosts and Spirits are something we do not fully understand, so we are afraid of them.

That's all for now. Namaste!

Monday, July 1, 2013

July! I missed posting yesterday, but honestly, I've run out of ideas for last month. I'm going to take this month and do some more digging, hopefully I'll find more topics which I'll understand enough to talk about. Until then, I'm going to be posting my answers to questions.

Why is there a Physical Universe?

This was the first question I came across. It's incredibly tough to answer, as I am not Father God himself, and I don't know his reasons. But I do know that we are the Universe exploring itself. The Universe is a creation of Father God, but it is also an extension of him.

I'll explain: I write fiction stories. My characters reflect some part of me (my main character has my compassion, his sister has my understanding) and they are a part of me. Sometimes, my stories just flow from my hands. I don't go into the day saying "This is how my story will be." I only know how my story starts, and how it ends. I don't know what is going to happen in between. I consider those characters part of me, and they are telling a story through me.

So really, we are telling a story through God, he is the 'Author' we are his characters who make the story.

Why is There Evil in our Reality?

Easy question to answer. What is the opposite of sickness? Health! What is the opposite of a male? A female. What is the opposite of Light? Dark. Our reality is made up of sets of two. There is happiness and sadness. Anger and Calm. Good and Bad.
If there is nothing to define it, then there is no such thing as Good.
Also, evil came into our reality because of the state of things today. We began to not share things and only care about ourselves. Then we began to disagree, get greedy and allowed ourselves to fall away from being pure. Evil manifested itself, because we (as a species) allowed it to happen.

What were we before this life, what are we during this life and what will we be after this life?

We were beings of pure spiritual energy. We did have a 'body' but we may not have looked anything like we do now. We all lived in a dimension of high spiritual energy, and all things were pure. In this life, we are much lower in energy, less pure and no longer in a higher dimension.
After this, we go back to where we were. All of us. No hell, no 'Big Sleep' we simply go back to being pure.
(This isn't boring. We are able to experience many things while here. Heaven is not a place where everyone is all singing hymns and standing around in white robes, heaven is a place where evil is not. After that, we are limitless in what we can do).

What Happens After Death?

First of all, death is not something terrible. Our body shuts off, and out spirit moves on. We don't 'die' we transfer back to Heaven.

So when we 'die' we leave our body and go back to the presence of the Holy Father and the Holy Mother.

Why are there so many Religions?

People think. It's what we do. When we think, we come up with ideas. When we come up with ideas, they are completely different then the next guy's idea. We have perspectives that change from person to person. We read one story and tell it differently. We have one religion, we come up with another based off things from the previous one.
We all knew Father God at one point, and we all remember him differently. This becomes a 'religion'.
Sadly, most religions become a business, or they don't like other religions because they are different then theirs. Wars even break out, and millions are killed in the name of religion.

Hopefully this will hold you over until next week. By then I will hopefully have a solid topic.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

We Are All One

Every living person on Earth (all 7 billion) are all connected. We don't know everyone, obviously, but we are connected spiritually. Let me explain...

We are all energy. Yes we have physical bodies, but our souls are pure energy. Not the energy that can power a computer or a house, it's an energy that powers us. Our energy comes from one source. That source has many names: God, Om, The Holy Spirit, etc. While it is true that God is alive, we are a physical extension of Om himself. Through him, we are all connected.

If we Are One, why do people still hurt other people?
Some people can not feel this connection. They have cut themselves off from being one with everyone. They feel the need to hurt others, because it makes them feel in control. They can not feel the positive from being connected, because they allowed themselves to be cut off.

If one is Cut off, how can the get rejoined?
You can't really be cut off, you only feel that way. In order to 're-open' this connection, you need to find why you cut yourself off in the first place. When you find that, you know how to get around it.

Why don't I feel like I'm connected?
Don't feel bad. The truth is that almost everyone alive today have been cut off from oneness. We need to reconnect fast. Our world is in a terrible state now, because of greed, hatred, and power. Those three things are just a few that will cut yourself off from oneness. You can not care for others when you want everything they have, or you hate them or want to control them.

Is suicide a feeling from not being Connected?
It may be. I believe it is though. The feeling that you want to kill yourself is the worst feeling in the world. If you feel this way, I would suggest meditation. Ask your Spirit Guides for help and to send you loving feelings. Ask your guardian angels. They are here to help. Use them.

~Love and Peace be with you! Namaste

Thursday, June 20, 2013

End of the World

Personally, I do not like "End-of-the-World" scenarios (zombies can not happen at all either) or aliens coming from space to destroy us.
As I do not believe that the Earth itself is billions of years old, I do believe it is older then 6 to 10 thousand.
It isn't really a young planet, it's more in it's late teen-years of life. It's not anywhere close to dying off.

To specific religions, mankind is the supreme ruler of earth and all the creatures found here. To others, we are just warts or annoyances of the planet, and will eventually be eradicated.

Both of  those theories are incorrect, in my opinion. I believe that we are not the supreme rulers of earth, because the Earth is it's own living being. Owning that would be slavery.
But I do not believe that we were here by accident. The planet is our mother (we call her Mother Nature anyway) and we are her children in a sense. She cares for us, but we need to start taking care of her. Everyone can do something to help her out, it just takes time.

As for helping the planet, people need to invest more into clean energy. USE THE SUN! We are next to the greatest power source in out solar system and it's just sitting there. USE IT!
Wind power is still being used, but it needs to be sent all over. Not just to big cities.

I don't consider water a good fuel source for technology. People want to use drinking water as fuel for cars and such, but we need to drink that! Leave the ocean water alone too. We can't use that. Stop damming up rivers and use solar power.

As for zombies, it may be fiction, but people are actually preparing for a zombie apocalypse...excuse me? That will not happen!
If our bodies are taken over by a parasite or something, our souls will leave. Our body will be dead. Then if there is no pilot, then the body can't function. Our spiritual energies will not allow something like that to happen. But if it does, there will be a bunch of rotting bodies just lying there. They won't be running around ripping people apart.

Aliens destroying us seems popular now days. But not all aliens are going to be here to take us out. They may be just as excited to meet a new race as we would be. When that happens, the government and/or people better not screw it up for those of us who would want to start a friendship with the aliens.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Just a Quick Post

A friend of mine was going through great depression recently. He wants everyone to know this:

"All people are wanted by someone, even if you have not yet met them. All people are loved, even if those around you are not showing it. Everyone of us are here for a reason. The Universe has yet to make a useless person. All of us are here for something. Hold out and know that the Universe Loves you," ~AM

What is Writing really?

Aside from writing a blog, I spend almost all of my spare time devoted to writing books. I've gotten my first book complete and it is now in editing. It gave me great pleasure to know that I've completed something that I've been working on for 4 and a half years (I can't imagine what it will feel like when I get it done completely!)

I know many people read books, but I don't think very many respect them.

Think about it...a writer will spend anywhere from a few weeks, to several years of their life to complete a book. They put a little of their very own soul into their writing and the characters. We live with our characters almost 24/7 and some of us know them so well, that we are able to have conversations with them.

To the average reader, a book is an escape, words on a page, an adventure, or just another challenge to accomplish. But books and writings are much more then that.

The the author, their book is their life, the characters are their friends, the worlds of their own design (some times) and the plot is well though out over dozens of hours. It's safe to say that our stories are not stories. They are our adventures that we had and are now sharing with the world.
The next time someone says that they are a writer, don't make fun of them. be amazed.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Unexplained Oddities of Earth

Earth is a curious place. Although many people are fascinated with the stars, there are many curious things to explore here on Earth. Although I can not post all things curious, I can start with a few.

The Ark of the Covenant:

The Holy Grail

The Antikythera Mechanism

The Moai



The Voynich Manuscript

Chichen Itza

The Colosseum

Of course, all of Egypt (Including the Giza Pyramids), Greece, and the old castles are amazing too.

There will be a Part #2 eventually, but this should keep you thinking.



Manifesting is the practice of allowing positive energies (or negative) into your incarnation. It can be for good health, healthy relationships, finances, and even weather.
But it also can make one poor, sick and have poor relationships.

How does this work Financially?

Example: One man has five million dollars which he inherited. He puts that money to good use, and never worries about his finances again. He never goes back to being poor.

A poor man who sees the rich man gain this money is jealous. This man has very little income, and is always worried about his finances. He has an incredibly hard job, and is always angry about it. He barely gets enough money to get by, and the little that he has he holds on to. He stays this way for the rest of his life.

What happened here? Well, the rich man never worried about his money going away. He isn't manifesting negative energies into his life, and therefor only positive flows through. He never needs to worry about finances, because he is (subconsciously) trusting in the universe to  provide for him.
     The poor man does not allow his money to go away, and is always worried about his money being gone. He is manifesting being poor, and thus, he will remain poor.

But the manifested money doesn't just 'appear' on your kitchen table. Finding a dollar on the street is just another way the universe is providing for you. Maybe a company paid you more then normal, and the error was never found. Every time you find even a little penny, that is positive financial manifestation.

But saving money doesn't mean you are manifesting negative energies into your financial life, saving is a good thing. But do not feel that spending five bucks here or there will hurt. If you are not negative, then there is nothing to worry about.

If you want to manifest money, think about what it would feel like to find $10 lying on the floor, and no one was around to claim it other then you. You should be incredibly happy about finding it.
Allow that feeling to move all through your body. Then picture what you want to do with the extra money? Maybe buy yourself coffee, or the new video game that was just released. Let those thoughts be in your head, and feel what it would be like to receive that.

Do this exercise once or twice a day (more if you have time) but do not become obsessed with it. Money is a tool to be used.

How Can I Manifest Good Health?

This may seem a little easier then manifesting money. Health is a touchy subject, and many people now days are suffering from some sort of poor health. A family member of mine was diagnose with cancer. She kept a positive attitude about it for awhile, but it never really went away. Now it came back, and she no longer has that much of a positive attitude. The cancer is only getting worse.

I would get colds all the time. Several of them a year. It was a slightly uneasy time in life back then, but after I gained a positive attitude about it, they went away. I don't take medication or anything else. I just used my thoughts to keep me happy. I listened to very positive music, and changed my way of thinking.

If you think about it, people who seem depressed or are struggling with something in their life, they get sick or are always sick. This is because of 2 things.

1. Their thoughts of whatever is bothering them has taken over their mind.
2. When you are not thinking about your spiritual self (nothing religious) sickness comes in and takes hold.

This is like what happens with an open cut. The body is still protected by the outer layer of skin, but the cut attracts infections and other nasty things. If it is not properly cared for, it will get infected.

Your mind is like the skin protecting your body. When negative thoughts are all you think about, a 'cut' appears (not physically) and negative things are allowed to come in.

To change this, think positively. When you are absorbing positive emotions and energies, negative ones can not take place.



Sunday, June 2, 2013

Egyptian Religion vs Christianity

The Ancient Egyptian religion has many similarities to Christianity, although they also have their major differences.

Isis is the goddess mother to Horus.

Horus was the son of the highest Neter (old name for the rank of god) in Egyptian beliefs. Horus was the god of the sky, sun and moon.

Isis was the daughter of the sky goddess and the earth god. She gave birth to Horus, and then fled to the Nile Delta to protect herself from the murderer of her husband, Set.
It was also said that Isis was a Virgin, and a 'heavenly messenger came to her and told her that she would give birth.

Mary and Jesus

Mary was the virgin mother of Jesus, while he incarnated here on Earth.
A while after Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph fled from Bethlehem to Egypt, to keep Jesus safe from harm.

Jesus was the son of God, who incarnated onto Earth through Mary. God (Om) is the highest being in Christianity.

The Egyptian Sun Disk (Aten) ( was held in high regard in their culture. It was the symbol of the god Ra (
The disk (or halo) was always placed above the head. It was an Egyptian symbol.
     Almost all pictures of Jesus show him with a golden halo (or sun disk) above his head.



The Ankh is the Egyptian cross. It is basically the christian cross, but with a round loop at the top.
Some people think that the Christian cross was just another version of the Ankh.

The christian church all say "amen" at the end of their prayers. It is said both "A-men" and "Ah-men", but both are the same.

The Egyptian good "Amen" (Amun, Amon) was located in Thebes.

People will say it is a coincidence, but I find it suspicious that Christians close their prayers by saying the name of an Egyptian god.

The Epic of Gilgamesh is said to be the oldest written story ever found on Earth.
In the story, it speaks of a global flood that was sent by the gods. It was punishment for the sins of the world.
A large 'Ark' like boat was built and animals were stored there to survive the flood.

Perhaps the story about Noah's flood was taken from the Epic?
(It only speaks of one arks specifically, but unlike the bible, it doesn't say that it was the only one).


Christianity came after the Egyptian Religion. It's just how history lined up. I've had a Christian pastor tell me that the Egyptians copied the word of God, but when I told him how the Egyptian culture came first, he was speechless and didn't reply.

I'm not saying that Christianity is a lie. I believe it is just a retelling of the same stories and events from a different author.

What ever you choose to take away from this is your choice. I'm not forcing you to do/believe anything. I am bringing information forward for you to read.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Who is Om?

Om is the name of the Universe, the sound of life and one of the many names for the One who created all things. People say God's name while meditating because it harmonizes them with the Universe...with God. That name is 'Om'.

If you think that meditation is something 'pegan' and/or satanic, think again. It's nothing New Age, or something created by people for control.
I believe that when Jesus 'prayed' he wasn't folding his hands and kneeling on his knees. He was meditating. he spoke to God in that way.

Remember that 'Om' isn't the only name for the All Father. He, like the All Mother, have many names. Different cultures, species and planets all have their own names for the All Makers, but Om is one of them.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Benjamin Soul Phoenix on: "Depression"

I've had minor depression only twice in my life, but I've know people who deal with it quite often. Thousands of people in the USA still suffer from it; Some cases life-threatening some are not as bad. But depression is still depression. Doctors can pump pills into people until they burst, but it will not go away permanently. Modern medicine is only going to postpone the depression, or stop the hormones from being off balance. But just because the mind doesn't experience depression, it still can gnaw at the soul of the person.

If people experience this, my advice would be to meditate.
I know meditation may be viewed as something superstitious, but believe me, it works.
     In order to do this, find a comfortable place that is quiet, soft and a place where you will like to sit for a long amount of time. When you are comfortable, begin to breathe slowly and deeply (but not too deep!). Slowly count your breaths all the way to 50 (only count the inhales). When you reach 50, you can keep going on to 100, or just relax in the silence of your mind. If you fall asleep, this is okay, but your goal isn't to fall asleep, it is to relax.

Meditate twice a day, get plenty of sunshine and keep some crystals in your pocket.

Clear Quartz is good for depression, and is mostly fairly cheap and easy to find (assuming there is a rock store or some sort of jewelry store around). It isn't specifically for stopping depression, but seeing as Quartz is a calm stone, it does help.
(Cleanse Quarts with sea salt and cool water. You can let it sit in the sea salt water over night or for an hour. Either way works)

Malachite is really good at absorbing negative energies (also a cause of depression) that surround you. 
I don't know how easy Malachite is to buy/find or the price. Mine was given to me as a gift, and I never bothered looking for a price.
Also, it is a sensitive stone. It can chip, scratch or even crack rather easily. Just be careful with it.
(Cleanse it under cool water, as this will release the negative energies back into the Earth where it is taken care of)

Garnet is also a very good stone to have if you have depression. It welcomes positive energies to it and thus  into you.
(Cleanse the garnet with water rarely. But seeing as it welcomes positive energy, it doesn't require cleansing very often)

The Universe is a big place. It knows what it is doing and it has yet to create a useless person. All things in it are special. The Universe loves you and will not abandon you. Keep the Fire burning!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Soon to be June!

Sunday June 2: Egyptian Religion vs Christianity

June 9: Manifestation! A How-To.

June 16: (To be Announced!)

June 23: (To be Announced)

June 30: (To be Announced)

Changing to Sunday

Hello and Namaste!

Normally I try and post on Wednesdays. But I'm trying to graduate early from school this year, so school work has picked up as of late. So I will be moving my posting days to Sunday.
This is easier for me, as I don't have anything planned for Sundays.

Have a good week!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Indigo Children (Credit to Indigo Connection site)

An Indigo Child is no more or less "important" than any other child. Much has been made of our arrival and presence, but no individual is any more or less significant to the planet or humanity, than any other individual. We serve an important purpose, but all humans do. Many humans never realize their own significance, and one of the primary differences between an Indigo Child and a non-Indigo adult, is we are aware of ours. This often gets mislabeled as 'Sense of Superiority' or 'Acting Like Royalty', when this is not the case. We don't feel like we are better than anyone else, we just know we don't act like the rest of the world, and perpetuate such foolish nonsense among one another, and we simply do not understand why people do the things they do, which make absolutely no sense to us, or on any logical level. Remember- The Indigo Child must understand and comprehend what is going on around them, to be able to digest and process it in their minds!

Traits of an Indigo Child

Indigo Children have extremely high intelligence, and the gift of common sense. They are able to absorb information quickly and thoroughly, with brains like sponges when a subject is of interest to them. An Indigo Child will generally become an expert in anything that interests them. While they are gifted with high intelligence, they will generally not thrive in the typical model of the archaic school system existing today.

The reasons for this are twofold:
1) They will flounder and become bored as their minds are not being stimulated or challenged. This will lead to many 'problems', which may be as mild as simply not paying attention or interacting with their environment, or may manifest as 'disruptive behavior', as they occupy themselves during idle time in nonconstructive ways.
2) The Indigo Child has a built-in 'issue' regarding "authority". Because school is generally the first place authority is encountered, this will be where the symptoms first begin to appear. The issues with authority, are not that the Indigo Child thinks they shouldn't have to listen or look up to anyone, but what we see (and strongly resist) are the flaws in the system, the misuse of power, unfairness, inequality among the ranks, favoritism, willful blindness, incompetence, and idiots with no common sense who have no business being in a position of control or responsible for the welfare of children, and who have no place teaching the future of our youth.

Indigo Children do not 'hate' blindly. They will give every individual a fair chance, but it will not often take long for the individual to establish what the Indigo Child could have assumed in the first place. Indigo Children will be very sensitive to traits shared by future individuals, that are similar to individuals who have hurt or wronged them in the past. Outsiders may often feel an Indigo Child dislikes another individual 'for no good reason', but that reason generally is that either:
1) The Indigo Child has detected critical faults in their moral character and aura.
2) The Indigo Child recognizes traits in the individual that remind them of a previous time they were hurt by an individual sharing similar traits, and learned to avoid it.

The Indigo Child is also sensitive to energetic differences between human entities that incarnated from various planes of the various galaxies. Indigo Children see and recognize individuals on a soul level, and are either drawn to others or repelled by this. There really isn't a human word that explains what the energies are, and all that is at play here, just know its a factor.

Indigo Children have an amazing gift at connecting with children and animals. The energy of Children and animals is purer and less contaminated by the corruption of old energy ways and influence, and animals (of course) never experience this. Children remember much more than their 'adult' counterparts. They love, feel, and express themselves freely, which is very much in line with the way of an Indigo Child.

Indigo Children will be very 'right' and 'left' brained. This means, that the Indigo Child will be able to conduct logical, analytical thinking and strategic planning, as well as be very creative, abstract thinkers. Indigo Children have a need to express, and will enjoy artistic freedom and forms of expression. Incidentally, due the the use of both hemispheres of the brain, many Indigo Children will be ambidextrous, or possess ambidextrous tendencies, though they favor the use of one hand over the other.

Indigo Children will be very balanced in their male/femaleness. Male Indigo Children will be very comfortable (or in touch with) their femininity, and female Indigo Children will be in touch with their more masculine side.

Sexuality will be a double-edged sword, as many Indigo Children will either not be interested in sexual activity at all, or will be very interested in it, and pursuing 'alternative' lifestyles and activities that stimulate and generate feelings of intensity that they will enjoy. Be aware, that some Indigo Children will experience sexual injuries or trauma to the psyche, that will create a strong need for healing in this area. It may be many years (if ever) before the Indigo Child can reconcile with their own sexuality and put these incidents behind them, or truly move on and learn to enjoy this gift with an appropriate partner. Sexuality and trust issues are very closely connected for Indigo Children, particularly once these sacred bonds are broken. Once you lose the trust of an Indigo Child, you should not expect to get it back.

Indigo Children are very good communicators. Communication is a lost art, which complicates the situation. Indigo Children have much to say about themselves and the word, if someone would just ask the questions. When you wonder what is going on in the mind of your Indigo Child, or why the Indigo Child feels a certain way or something distresses them so, ask them! If they know you will listen and they can trust you to hear what they say with an open mind, they will open up and explain.

Indigo Children are natural born diplomats, and will be able to generally see both sides of an issue. While many Indigo Children may have anger issues and feel very destructive, they will generally seek alternatives to resolve problems that do not involve violence. The duality of the Indigo Child, is though they are here to raise the energetic vibration of the planet and create a more peaceful, loving humanity, they will be born into situations that require fight and obstruction, as they dismantle the old energy.

Indigo Children will frequently be misinterpreted and misunderstood, often as being the opposite as what they actually are. One may see an Indigo Child with extreme anger issues and judge or interpret this as the Indigo Child being insensitive or not caring about anything, when in all actuality the reason they are so angry, is because they care so much.

Indigo Children will frequently be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, but this is really a symptom of the Indigo Child, and not a general 'disorder' or neurological problem. The perceived symptom considered an inability to pay attention, is merely the Indigo Child being bored silly with material that does not challenge or stimulate them, and the racing thoughts or manic racing from task to task, is simply a result of the holographic thought process and ability to multitask, that Indigo Children master. ...We don't understand why everyone else cant.

Another misdiagnosis that several Indigo Children may face, is that of Bipolar (Manic Depression). Part of the problem that leads to this, is the fact that Indigo Children can become very upset over things that the average individual doesn't understand the reasoning behind. Indigo Children are very sensitive, and things that go against the moral fiber of whats 'right' and 'wrong', will be greatly distressing. This factor of being so upset so easily (with seemingly little provocation), combined with the fact that once the situation is resolved, the Indigo Child will calm down, is seen as a "mood swing". Some (not all) Indigo Children are very volatile and hypersensitive. Some Indigo Children are extremely shielded, and may show little to no emotion, at all.

You have to keep in mind, Indigo Children are here to change the system. They have to have this sensitivity to wrongs and problems, to create the drive and ambition to correct the problem. If they didn't care, or didn't care enough, then they wouldn't do anything or feel inspired to create change. We are the way we are, for a very important purpose. What really bothers us, is that everyone else seems perfectly okay with the state of the world, or doesn't care enough to do anything to rectify it. A 'good' man who does nothing, is worse than the individual who perpetrates the wrong.

Young Indigo Children should not be medicated. However, if it is too problematic for the caregivers of said Indigo Child to handle the responsibilities of raising the Indigo Child, then in such a case it would be entirely appropriate for them to seek medication. (Translation:If you cant handle a hyper ten-year-old, you take the pill). The only circumstance in which medication is advisable, is as a last resort when the Indigo Child (in extreme cases) may become so hypersensitive to energies and their surroundings, that they are not able to function. This is more appropriate to Adult Indigo Children, as they raise their vibration their sensitivity increases even moreso, and the Adult Indigo Child may be over-stimulated by their senses and the energy around them. (See also 'Ascension Crisis'). Sleep disturbance may become an issue, and if the Indigo Child needs tranquilizers to help them function in a day-to-day living environment, then they should be viewed as a short-term solution, and used on an as-need basis. Avoid medications which require lengthy periods of time to build an effective level. Whenever possible, use medications that can just be used as at the symptom onset, and do not have to be taken on a regular basis, even when the Indigo Child is feeling fine. Avoid synthetic chemicals at all costs. (This is good advice for all humans).

Regarding Depression, many Indigo Children will battle with extreme depression and suicidal thoughts throughout their lifetime. This is a result of the state of the world around them, the interaction with humanity they have experienced, and a sense of hopelessness, when the Indigo Child gives up-Not on themselves, but on the world around them. Indigo Children do not fear "death", for they know there is no such thing, no end to spirit. We long for home, and the thought of death and returning to spirit can be very comforting, for we are going 'home'. Some Indigo Children carry a lot of pain on a soul-level, an ache for "home" which they attempt to recreate here.

Indigo Children also will experience many issues that could lead to depression such as problematic relationships and chronic instability within their lives. Because of these tangible items being at the root of the depression, and not a result of some 'chemical imbalance', most antidepressants will be counter productive for an Indigo Child. In some instances (myself included) they may actually accelerate the problem. Use with caution.

Indigo Children will be very emphatic  in that they feel and 'take on' the energy of those around them, and who they are close to. Indigo Children are wonderful healers, but when healing, they need to be certain to shield themselves from this.

Indigo Children need to learn balance and grounding. An unbalanced, un-grounded Indigo Child is like a dancing live-wire with the attention span of a mosquito on crack. There is so much sensory input, there has to be someplace for it to all go. It just stays stuck in our heads pinging around like so many pinballs. One of the hardest things for the Indigo Child to learn, is mindlessness (the ability to maintain nothing in the mind) and focus. But, once the Indigo Child can harness all that energy and focus it, its like a laser.

Indigo Children embody extremes and may manifest these feelings in traits not expressed above, but when you get to the root of the issue behind it, you will see that it is connected.

Most Indigo Children will not embody the 9 to 5 work model. They will often work independently and for themselves, frequently turning interests and hobbies into businesses. There will be many Indigo Children that do fit in with the system, and they will begin to break through the glass ceiling of the old energy, and repopulate it with the new. One who hates politicians, may become a politician to 'do it right'. Many Indigo Children may find interest in healthcare, which aligns with their healing ability. Some may find government work appealing, as they are able to enforce the rights and laws, and also to protect and help those in need of assistance.

Indigo Children are emphatic by nature. They are very sensitive to the moods and needs of those around them, especially those they are close to. They are frequently clairsentient, meaning they 'pick up' the moods and energies around them. This can be difficult for an Indigo Child, as they may frequently feel 'off' or distressed or agitated, and not know why or understand the underlying cause. It is not uncommon for Indigo Children, especially adult Indigo Children to be depressed or upset and not know why, even when everything should be 'okay'.

Indigo Children are so inquisitive and analytical, they can wrap their minds around anything, and enjoy doing it. They are very gifted with sciences and biology. Because of their concrete 'black and white' 'cause and effect' way of thinking, they generally do well with computers. Computers are also a very rewarding area of interest for the Indigo Child, as there are many complexities and areas to be explored. Languages, coding, art. web design. There are so many facets and directions to go in, and most Indigo Children will follow several at once or at the same time. Indigo Children like things that 'make sense'', and computers fit the bill perfectly.

But, be careful, for Indigo Children are often quite literally "too smart for their own good". They generally posses no malicious intent, but like the 13 year-old hacking the Pentagon, delight in doing things simply because they can. They enjoy taking things apart and seeing how they work. They are builders and architects, of a grand design.

The Credit to the long post I put here does not go to me. I got it from this site

I highly recommend looking it up and exploring the site.
(The reason I posted here was because I want to get the word out to people who may be returning to my blog. It's isn't for any other reason). I only made a few grammar corrections, because my computer underlined some things with the red line and I always get annoyed when  I see those.