Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ben Soul Phoenix on "Lilith"

So it is said that Lilith was Adam's first partner/wife. She wouldn't accept Adam's authority, so she rebelled and left him. She 'disobeyed' Adam and God.
After she left, God created Eve.

So how could she disobey God when sin was not yet in the world? Disobeying is a sin, is it not? Especially when you disobey God!

Also, later texts are very clear on the fact that Lilith was one of the demons, but also the Queen of demons.
Demons are not human, correct?

God was later upset with the Nephilim because they had children with mortals. He didn't like the species being mixed. So...why would he send a nonhuman to be Adams wife anyway? I'm pretty sure God knew what would happen with them, he even told them to multiply! So why do something that you know you don't like?

Some sources say that Lilith only became a demon AFTER she spoke the true name of God. Why would our Holy Creator's name turn you evil and vile? That doesn't make any sense! What if God's name was Phil, or Joe? So anyone talking to a Phil or Joe is not a demon? What if someone accidentally spoke Gods name? I don't want to turn into a demon! Especially if I didn't mean it!

After Adam was alone, God didn't think it right that man should be lonely, so he created a 'submissive' partner for him. Sounds like the church saying women are scum and men are God's gift, to me.

Some people believe that Lilith (like many other female characters of the bible) was heavily disliked by the church. She was a strong female who wouldn't take crap from anyone, so they made her evil and made an example from her.

I can't say that I believe 100% that Lilith was completely good, but I can't say she was evil either. If you follow the Bible, Adam and Eve hadn't sinned yet, so there wasn't evil in the world. But if you follow old legends, Lilith was angry. And with most anger, sin follows.

But if she was evil or not, who am I to judge her?

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