Friday, August 23, 2013

Saying "Good bye" verses Saying "See you Later"

When people die, pretty much 80% of people believe that they will get to see their loved ones again, in some sort of afterlife or another. When possible, they gather around the dying person to say their goodbyes and their final words with them. But why exactly do we do this?

Just recently, I had to say my parting words with a close loved one who had passed away. Pretty much my entire immediate family was there to say goodbye. While saying goodbye is good closure for everyone, I thought it best to only say "See you later".

Why? I'll explain:

I didn't say goodbye because it was too hard, but in my mind, saying 'goodbye' makes one think that you may not see them again. While saying "See you later" means just that. My grandmother passed on, but I know I'll see her again, I know I will. I'm sad to have seen her go, especially in the way that she went, but I'm not sad because I don't think I'll ever see her again, I'm sad because I'll have to wait a long time before I do.

Like my friend explained: "When someone dies, they don't really go away. They just go on vacation for a little bit. They go on ahead to make sure everyone will be happy there when the rest of us arrive. Some get the grill fired up, others start making the drinks."

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Hey everyone,

I'm still here and writing when I can, but my family has hit a real rough patch recently.
I should be back on schedule this Sunday though.

Hold in there!


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ben Soul Phoenix on "Lilith"

So it is said that Lilith was Adam's first partner/wife. She wouldn't accept Adam's authority, so she rebelled and left him. She 'disobeyed' Adam and God.
After she left, God created Eve.

So how could she disobey God when sin was not yet in the world? Disobeying is a sin, is it not? Especially when you disobey God!

Also, later texts are very clear on the fact that Lilith was one of the demons, but also the Queen of demons.
Demons are not human, correct?

God was later upset with the Nephilim because they had children with mortals. He didn't like the species being mixed. So...why would he send a nonhuman to be Adams wife anyway? I'm pretty sure God knew what would happen with them, he even told them to multiply! So why do something that you know you don't like?

Some sources say that Lilith only became a demon AFTER she spoke the true name of God. Why would our Holy Creator's name turn you evil and vile? That doesn't make any sense! What if God's name was Phil, or Joe? So anyone talking to a Phil or Joe is not a demon? What if someone accidentally spoke Gods name? I don't want to turn into a demon! Especially if I didn't mean it!

After Adam was alone, God didn't think it right that man should be lonely, so he created a 'submissive' partner for him. Sounds like the church saying women are scum and men are God's gift, to me.

Some people believe that Lilith (like many other female characters of the bible) was heavily disliked by the church. She was a strong female who wouldn't take crap from anyone, so they made her evil and made an example from her.

I can't say that I believe 100% that Lilith was completely good, but I can't say she was evil either. If you follow the Bible, Adam and Eve hadn't sinned yet, so there wasn't evil in the world. But if you follow old legends, Lilith was angry. And with most anger, sin follows.

But if she was evil or not, who am I to judge her?

Sources for the Curious Ones:

Ben Soul Phoenix on "We Have it All Wrong,"

In Christianity, they say that no one deserves God, no one deserves Heaven, and we all deserve to go to hell.

Wait, wait, wait! No! Who though of this? Of course God loves us!
What parent would stone their child to death for telling one little lie? What parent would allow their child to die, just because they messed up a few times? I know God wouldn't!

Yes we mess up.
Yes we really are jerks at times.
Yes we sin.
But God is all loving, and nothing can ever take away that love...except for sinning. Then you go to hell for all eternity...

God created us because he knew he would love us. He knew sin would enter the world, he just had to give Adam and Eve the choice. He isn't controlling. He gave us free will. In order for Free Will to work, there must first be several choices.
God knew this. He isn't sending anyone to Hell. It specifically says that God created hell for the devil and his angels. Well...humans are not the devil or fallen Angels. So where did this idea even come from?

Now I'm not saying that you are now able to do anything you want. Don't kill or steal. Life is about being happy, but also sharing the happiness. Don't spread darkness or harm. Make life happy for everyone you meet. That is what life is about, not impressing God. We are already in heaven with him. The 'you' that you are right now is an extension of your Higher Self. That Higher Self is in heaven already.

Ben Soul Phoenix on "Creation"

For hundreds of years (if not thousands) people have argued the creation of our Universe.

1."The Big Bang created all things, and still continues to create new things."
2. "Humanity is nothing more than an accident."

3. "God Created all things in 6 days."
4. "Om-Father and Mother Azna created all things."

5. "Satan is really disguised as God, and he created all things."

1. In order for the Big Bang to have taken place, their must have been something there to start it. Nothing just doesn't move into nothing and create everything. It's literally impossible (I am aware that there are other 'theories' on how this happened, but that takes away the original idea of a Big Bang if you keep changing it).
Also, sound doesn't travel in space, so really it was just a big, silent explosion if anything.
It's hard for me to believe this theory.

2. That's a pretty big accident. Who made the accident? Was it aliens? a fluke, or was it some ancient star being who was messing around with chemicals? If we are an accident, how are we so perfectly made? How are we able to create beautiful things, how are we able to feel emotions and pain? How can we speak and understand each other? Humanity is one race with many languages. Other species can always understand each other, because of communication. But two humans who speak different languages into one room, they have no clue what the other is saying.
If humanity is an accident, this theory is an accident.

3. I believed in this for a long time. But it poses the problem of "Where did God come from?"
That is easy to answer. If there is a being as powerful as God (I know there is, but just for arguments sake) is it really hard to believe that this Universe isn't his first that he had created? Even scientists hold theories of other Universes being real, so why couldn't God have come from there?
But back to the 6 day makes no sense. Why would God make plant life before the sun? How did the plants grow? If you plant seeds and cut off their life supply, they aren't going to grow. Any farmer/gardener can tell you that. The Creation Story in the Bible makes little sense to me.

Day #1 "God separated the light from the darkness," 
What does this mean? There are no stars yet, so what was giving off light? Darkness is the absence of light, so if light wasn't created yet, there is no 'darkness'. But anyway, let's keep going.

Day #2 "God created an expanse to separate the waters and called it sky. There were no oceans yet, only a fog that served as the atmosphere. God 'hovering over the water' describes him above the atmosphere,"
Wait...where did he create sky? Not every planet has water! Where is he? Is he still working with his Universal lamp? (the light from day #1) Where is the sun? Is this even Earth? What is going on?

Day #3 "God separated the waters and made 'land' he called the water 'seas'. The first plants also sprung forth." 
So there wasn't any land prior to the fog stuff? Earth was like Jupiter, I guess. But earth would have been really hot...above boiling point if there was fog (or super cool) so how would planet survive this? There wasn't any sun giving them vitamins to grow what's up?

Day #4 "God created the Sun, Moon and the Stars to give light to the earth and to serve as markers of the seasons."
So the light from Day #1 wasn't the sun! I knew it. So what happened to that other light source? Did God no longer need it?
Also...Earth was the first thing in space to be created? What was it orbiting? It wasn't in any Galaxy either, so it was just alone in space?  Not even the moon was there?
When did God create gravity? 

Day #5 "God filled the oceans with life and the skies with birds. He told them to be fruitful and multiply," So there wasn't insects around yet. Don't a lot of birds eat insects? Were those birds sitting around talking about how hungry they were? 

Day #6 "God created the rest of the land animals, he also created man. Adam." So what did Adam eat? Plants...animals...what? I doubt there was death in those days, so he ate plants? Apparently so, because God told him not to eat from one tree. 
And when did Eve get into the picture? Day 6...7 or later? Adam being alone for ten minuets is hardly enough time for him to realize he was alone. Also...the feeling of being alone is bad. Why was there bad stuff in the world, God? Adam didn't eat the fruit yet!

Day #7 "God decided to take the day off and rest. He made it holy, and mandatory to rest one day out of the week," just created all of creation. I like that you took the day off. Also...when did God create the bad fruit? What about Lilith? Where did Eve come from, what about the other humans? The other species on other planets? The atmospheres and waters on the other planets? When did you create the other planets?

Alright, so I know creation happened, I'm happy that it did! But I don't think the Bible had it right. After all, Adam didn't write Genesis, he was dead before it was written. So it was bound to get messed up a little.
I'm not bad mouth God at all, but the Bible's Creation just leaves too many questions.

4. Om-Father and Azna created all things. God uses his energy to keep all the Universes together. Mother Azna gave us emotions, as we were a dull race without them. She interacts with us and helps us. God holds all of His reality together.
(I believe this one!)

5. Satan is not disguised as God!
End of story.


Monday, August 5, 2013

What Makes us Stronger?

All throughout life, people make us believe that we should do what other people do.
"Go to school, get a job, go to college, work hard, save for retirement, die happy,"

Life is not about hardships and punishments. Life is about personal happiness (but share that happiness, don't spread negative or pain)

School is the best example of this: "You need to be the best, you need to pass with good grades or you will not make it in life, you need to graduate, you need to do what we say to succeed in life."

This cycle has gone on for too long, and it hasn't produced anything good. We are at a record high of depression and suicides. Schools are full of bullies and young people ruining their physical health to finish studying. People get out of school and go to a goo college to get a good job in order to pay off their debts. In the end, people regret their decisions in life.
Many people believe that money can not buy happiness, but they sure do spend an awful amount of time trying to make as much money as possible.

That alone should be enough to say that we are doing something wrong. Parents are forcing their children to get jobs to save up for retirement, and we leave our spirituality behind. We are here to work on our spirituality and spread joy. We are not here on this planet to get a job just so some rich person can get richer.

Life is what you need it to be. Don't do things just because others say you need to do it. Only you know what you have planned on your Life Chart. Only your Spirit Guides have access to this. No one else. You know what you need to do. Follow what your inner self says. Trust it and trust the Universe to care for you.