Sunday, June 2, 2013

Egyptian Religion vs Christianity

The Ancient Egyptian religion has many similarities to Christianity, although they also have their major differences.

Isis is the goddess mother to Horus.

Horus was the son of the highest Neter (old name for the rank of god) in Egyptian beliefs. Horus was the god of the sky, sun and moon.

Isis was the daughter of the sky goddess and the earth god. She gave birth to Horus, and then fled to the Nile Delta to protect herself from the murderer of her husband, Set.
It was also said that Isis was a Virgin, and a 'heavenly messenger came to her and told her that she would give birth.

Mary and Jesus

Mary was the virgin mother of Jesus, while he incarnated here on Earth.
A while after Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph fled from Bethlehem to Egypt, to keep Jesus safe from harm.

Jesus was the son of God, who incarnated onto Earth through Mary. God (Om) is the highest being in Christianity.

The Egyptian Sun Disk (Aten) ( was held in high regard in their culture. It was the symbol of the god Ra (
The disk (or halo) was always placed above the head. It was an Egyptian symbol.
     Almost all pictures of Jesus show him with a golden halo (or sun disk) above his head.



The Ankh is the Egyptian cross. It is basically the christian cross, but with a round loop at the top.
Some people think that the Christian cross was just another version of the Ankh.

The christian church all say "amen" at the end of their prayers. It is said both "A-men" and "Ah-men", but both are the same.

The Egyptian good "Amen" (Amun, Amon) was located in Thebes.

People will say it is a coincidence, but I find it suspicious that Christians close their prayers by saying the name of an Egyptian god.

The Epic of Gilgamesh is said to be the oldest written story ever found on Earth.
In the story, it speaks of a global flood that was sent by the gods. It was punishment for the sins of the world.
A large 'Ark' like boat was built and animals were stored there to survive the flood.

Perhaps the story about Noah's flood was taken from the Epic?
(It only speaks of one arks specifically, but unlike the bible, it doesn't say that it was the only one).


Christianity came after the Egyptian Religion. It's just how history lined up. I've had a Christian pastor tell me that the Egyptians copied the word of God, but when I told him how the Egyptian culture came first, he was speechless and didn't reply.

I'm not saying that Christianity is a lie. I believe it is just a retelling of the same stories and events from a different author.

What ever you choose to take away from this is your choice. I'm not forcing you to do/believe anything. I am bringing information forward for you to read.


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