Monday, July 8, 2013

Are Ghosts an Spirit's Evil?

Recently, there has been many releases of possession, haunting and other dangerous 'other world' phenomenon. Personally, I believe them to all be fake, and poor interpretations of what really goes on with the 'other realm' visitors.

Ghosts are very rarely evil. When people say "ghosts feed off your energy" they don't mean that they are slowly draining you of life or that they are killing you. No. They feed on the energy we give off (like fear). This energy is worthless to us, and is floating around. You may feel dizzy or get a headache when close to a ghost, but this is because of the ghost trying to communicate with you, or for other harmless meanings.

Evil Spirits Possessing humans is completely blown out of context. A ghost can not kick us out of our bodies, even if we are in Astral Projection. Nothing can do that.
Now a spirit can try an live in a living body with the human, but only if we allow it. This doesn't work for ever, because one body can only have one pilot. People 'channel' themselves to allow other higher dimensional beings to communicate through them, but this is not permanent.

Hollywood is completely making us afraid of spirits and other beings that are out there. If we keep manifesting these things, they will start to happen, or...seem like they are happening. Spirit Guides and other spiritual like beings are not all dangerous. Know that your angels and guides are there to help and protect you. Always speak to them first, because there are some spirits out there that try to trick and harm you (though not as many as you think). Make sure you make it clear that you are going to be speaking to YOUR guides and angels, when you try to make contact. Speak with them before you move on to 'strangers'.

But Hollywood is all for show. Their movies are fake:
Yes they are fake. They are for entertainment purposes, but we can still subconsciously manifest that 'reality' into existence. Spirits are real. Respect that they are all around us.

If they are all around us, where are these spirits?
They walk around us all the time. They are on a different vibration state (also another dimension) so we can not see them so easily. I'm sure they can see us, because we interact with them and they with us. In order to see them, you need to increase your vibration. (I have not done this, so I can not offer you advice at this time)

Should we be afraid of them?
No. They are part of out everyday lives, weather we know it or not. There has always been spirits walking around us, so being afraid of something now that has been there forever is just foolish.

Then why are we still afraid of them?
We don't see them. We are programmed to be afraid of things that we can not see or understand. Ghosts and Spirits are something we do not fully understand, so we are afraid of them.

That's all for now. Namaste!

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