Sunday, July 21, 2013

Question Week!

Is it Wrong to Love More Than One Person While in a Relationship?
There are several ways of looking at this question, and I'm not so sure I'll have the right one. But I'll give it a shot...

When two people feel love towards one another, chances are they will be in a relationship. Why is this? People have these feelings not because of hormones or chemical reactions, but because of the matching vibrations/energies that they have. Yes, an all around happy person will be giving off good energy. People will be drawn to that. People who hate everything give off bad energies, people will stay away from that.
When one person loves/likes another, they feel 'in-tune' with their vibrations that are given off. So...being attracted to two different vibrations is a good thing. One person can not give off several vibrations.
But this doesn't mean that you should be taking on several spouses because of it. 
If you are married, and you like being around another person, this doesn't always mean you are 'cheating'. You do not belong to any one human. (But commitments should be honored)

Do All Things Happen for a Reason?
Simple answer. No. Not all things happen for a reason. Although many things in life are planned for a specific purpose, not all things are. We are creatures of free will, as are many other species on our planet. Some things are going to just happen.

Are We Alone in the Universe?
I honestly don't know why this question keeps popping up. It should be clear by now. No, we are not alone in the Universe. The Universes are unending. New things pop up all the time and they have been for thousands of decades. What are the chances of us being alone?

Also, people may say "Well, the Universe is huge because it is there to glorify God,"...then why doesn't everyone have a way to explore the Universe? If the Universe is there to 'glorify God' and we are the only beings...why would he make us sit here and wait? GIVE US SPACESHIPS!!!!
No...we are not alone in this Universe.

Would You Break the Law for a Loved One?
What did they do? What is the punishment for breaking said law? Would I start jaywalking to keep my Grandmother from getting hit by a truck? Yes.
It would really depend on what the intensity would be. Also, I think most of my loved-ones would not want me to throw my life away, so I would hope they would understand.

What Would you do Differently, if No one Could Judge you (to your face and behind your back)
I would tell everyone about my spiritual beliefs. I know several family members would be rather upset or wouldn't understand. I would talk to my previous church about what I think is wrong with that religion, and would ask their humble opinion about the stuff I would bring up. I would tell people that I pray to Mother God. I would tell people about my Spirit Guide and help them to be able to talk to theirs. 

How do You Feel About The Death Sentence?
I honestly don't like it. 
"You kill one person, now we kill you," is just sort of...stupid. Wouldn't the person carrying out the death sentence be required to receive it then? Or is he protected by the law?
If someone killed 35 people and hacked apart their bodies and were gross with them, I honestly don't think we should kill them. I don't know what else to do with them...but death just seems barbaric.

What is Meaning of Life?
To be happy. Spread the happiness, and don't hurt anyone in the process. That is what life is about.

Don't forget to Hydrate!

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