Sunday, September 8, 2013

Question Week...again

I was going to talk about another topic today, but I've had these questions that I've wanted to answer. Besides, it's been a busy month lately. I haven't had much time to plan topics.

Here we go, Question 1.

1. Why Should We Believe in a God?
You don't have to believe in anything. You charted your life, so if you didn't want to come into life believing in a deity, don't feel like you need to search for one. Just take what life gives you.

In Christianity, I was taught that people who didn't believe in God, went to hell.
Then I got to thinking "What about the Indians? They didn't know about the 'Christian' God, they were never taught. Then when the 'White man' came, they didn't want to believe in their God, because some of the White Men were cruel.
So...according to Christians, there are no Indians in Heaven?
I didn't like that.

2. Where is the Soul located in the body?
This question can not be truly answered, but many people believe that it is located in the Pineal Gland (right beneath your forehead) or through the eyes "The eyes are the window to a person's soul," sort of thing. But you are your soul. So where ever you are, that is where your soul is.

3. Is God Real?
I believe so. You don't need proof to have faith, but you do need proof to satisfy other people's thinking.
but if someone is worried about you believing in God and not about you as a person, they are not worth hanging around.
Religion was created by people who believe that they have had an experience with 'God'. Don't follow a religion if you don't need to do so. Look into the history of the beliefs, don't follow anything blindly.

4. If Life is About Happiness, why is there Negativity in the World?
Unfortunately, Free-Will gives us the right to be unhappy, as well as being happy. If you haven't found happiness in you life, begin to meditate on what makes you happy.

5. If we Chart all of our Choices in Life, why would anyone Choose to Starve, or be born into a Terrible Life?
Maybe they chose it, maybe they didn't. But there are many people alive today that are not sharing the goodness of the Universe. As a result, there are countries of starving people and people without access to many good things.

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