Monday, December 23, 2013

The Nephilim (and King Og)

All my life, I have been a Christian. I went to church, Sunday school, said my prayers, took communion and read my Bible and obeyed the 10 commandments.

It wasn't until about a year and a half ago, maybe two, when I began to question things.
I had been 'going-through-the-motions' with church and I didn't really have more than a Daily Prayer relationship with God. I read a passage in the bible about the Nephilim.'

Genesis 6:4

4The Nephilim were on the earth in those days-and also afterwards. When the sons of God went to the daughters of humans (man, mortals etc.) and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

This passage shocked me at the time. Yes, I had read it before, but I didn't really catch it. I guess I wasn't interested.
So I got on my computer and began researching who the Nephilim were. The results were very surprising.

Several things that I found about them were very interesting. I'm going to take today to talk about the origins of the Nephilim.

The Watchers or Old

To start off, it is incredibly difficult for us to understand exactly WHO the Watchers were. As they did not originate on Earth, or even our dimension, we don't know exactly how they came into being, what the naturally look like or even what they are. But from old stories and records, we are able to figure out a little bit about them.

Back in the days of Noah, it seems that some of the watchers (200 was the number given) began to feel emotions towards the humans. The Bible says that they went to the daughters of men, but I believe that, as the Watchers have no gender, they were able to take the chosen form of either of the two genders and went to those that they chose.
Anyway, The Watchers were one of the higher ranking angels (if you can call it a 'rank') in Heaven. They were able to come and go to Father God's own throne (Job 2:1 Bible) when the pleased. So they were high 'rank'.
But The Watchers were forbid to mix their DNA with humans (have children), but 200 of the did. Some sources say that they were cast out of Heaven, and punished. They were no longer able to go before God and were never able to live in Heaven again.

As time went on, the immortal Watchers could not breathe in the source energy of Father God. They began to lose their immortality and eventually died. If any survived, no one knows.
But their children became very powerful. Goliath and his four brothers were Nephilim. David and his men knew of their kind too, because they all knew to be afraid of the armies that Goliath was with. It felt like none could kill him.
I believe that the Greek gods were either Watchers or Nephilim, too. Then you have the Norse gods and all the deities of ancient times.
People back then didn't make religions out of fake people. Their origins were just unknown, so they were embellished upon greatly.

With that in mind, our ancestors don't seem crazy at all to me. Ancient technology, monuments like the pyramids and Stonehenge seem like small feats of their strength...if they were built by them.
There are even hundreds of pictures (both real and fake) or giants and the bones that were found. Men that were 20 feet tall, but history has given us stories about men who were greatly taller. Some of The Watchers were even said to be 300 feet tall, but as I have found little to no evidence, I don't know if it is true or not. Possible, yes, but true...I don't know.

King Og for one is another mystery. I have read that he was around during the flood. It also said that the flood waters came up to his knees, and he survived by walking around!
Biblical text say he was 12ish feet tall (8 cubits) but people forget that a cubit was only as long as the rulers arm. So if Og was thirty feet tall (just say) a cubit would be significantly longer. 

According to Wikipedia, The Talmud further embellishes in fantastic detail that Og was so large that he sought the destruction of the Israelites by uprooting a mountain so large, that it would have crushed the entire Israelite encampment. Moses, fulfilling the LORD's injunction not to fear him, seized a spear of ten cubits length, and jumped a similar vertical distance, succeeding in stabbing Og in the ankle. The LORD then caused Og's teeth to lengthen until they grew into the mountain he held aloft; millions of ants then swarmed into his mouth, killing him. 

Either way, these giants were around. If their might (and height) were greatly embellished, their feats of strength still seem amazing.


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