Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ben Soul Phoenix on "We Have it All Wrong,"

In Christianity, they say that no one deserves God, no one deserves Heaven, and we all deserve to go to hell.

Wait, wait, wait! No! Who though of this? Of course God loves us!
What parent would stone their child to death for telling one little lie? What parent would allow their child to die, just because they messed up a few times? I know God wouldn't!

Yes we mess up.
Yes we really are jerks at times.
Yes we sin.
But God is all loving, and nothing can ever take away that love...except for sinning. Then you go to hell for all eternity...

God created us because he knew he would love us. He knew sin would enter the world, he just had to give Adam and Eve the choice. He isn't controlling. He gave us free will. In order for Free Will to work, there must first be several choices.
God knew this. He isn't sending anyone to Hell. It specifically says that God created hell for the devil and his angels. Well...humans are not the devil or fallen Angels. So where did this idea even come from?

Now I'm not saying that you are now able to do anything you want. Don't kill or steal. Life is about being happy, but also sharing the happiness. Don't spread darkness or harm. Make life happy for everyone you meet. That is what life is about, not impressing God. We are already in heaven with him. The 'you' that you are right now is an extension of your Higher Self. That Higher Self is in heaven already.

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