Thursday, October 24, 2013

Emotional Energy

All throughout our lives, we experience emotions. It doesn't matter how much people want to deny it, we all feel them. But what exactly do we do with them?

First off, I want to talk about happiness.

Happiness is an emotion that almost everyone can enjoy. We smile more, we can sleep better, our bodies can function better and most people enjoy being around happy people.
But when we are happy, bad news doesn't seem to have that much of an affect on us.
But why does this 'Happy Spree' end? If we are nearly invincible to bad news, why do we stop being happy?

Picture emotions like a colorful fog. Any color. This fog is floating inside a clear glass jar. There is a small spout at the top of this jar, which empties the fog out into the world. Every time you laugh (or do something else that makes you happy) a little bit of this fog goes out of the spout and is lost in the world. 
When the fog runs out, there is no emotion left.

Being human, we never go without emotions. When our 'emotional fog' runs out, our mind either makes more of the same kind or a new emotion.

Bottling up our emotions are a bad thing. This is why people who hold onto their anger physically change. Some people can gain weight, lose weight, become bitter or even get sick. 
One would think that keeping happiness bottle up would do the opposite as anger, right? Most likely not. Emotions are not meant to be kept hidden. 

Releasing our emotions is very important. I'll give an example.

Releasing Anger makes it easier for people to calm down. Crying, screaming or even hitting things helps us get rid of that. After a good long cry, most humans tend to calm down and relax. 

Screaming does the same thing. It is a massive release of tension.
Don't think so? Why do you think people scream or raise their voices when they are angry?

Also, hitting things can do the same as above, but it has more of a risk. One should never hit something that can feel pain or discomfort. You should never hit things that could injure you either.
But people have punching bags that they take their anger out on. It seems to work too.

If we are to Release Our Emotions, why are we Taught to Keep Them to Ourselves?
Change. People have forgotten our spirituality, and also our control over our emotions. American civilization doesn't recognize anger as something good. Instead of trying to overcome something natural is very hard. Embracing it is easier. 

Embracing Anger? Why Would Anyone Do This?
Don't picture 'Embracing your Anger' as turning to the Dark Side, picture it like you are able to embrace it, control it and master it. The sooner you master it, the sooner you can learn from it.

Why are Emotions so Important?
Emotions make us what we are. Though it is true that we are not the only species that have emotions, we do have the potential to master them. Mastering your emotions can get you another step closer to being more at one with yourself.

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