Monday, December 16, 2013

Is Religion Useful?

Religion is something that has had it's good and bad uses.
People have been killed in the name of religion, but it has also given people hope.
Like many things in our life, Religion is a tool. It should either be a tool that you use for good, or leave it alone.

Religion is really something that has brought much hate into existence. Though it isn't always the fault of the 'believers'.

I'll give you an example: The Crusades.

The Crusades were all about the Christians 'cleansing' the Muslims. The priests lied to the soldiers, telling them that "This is the path to heaven!" and other crap like that. They kept brainwashing them saying that "God willed it!"
I'm not saying that the soldiers were 100% victims in these events. Many were power hungry anyway, but the Crusades were pretty much the Religious Leader's fault. They wanted land and the wealth that came with it. But the Muslims were standing in their way. So what better way then to turn countries against them "In the name of God!"

I find it very...insulting shall we say, when people hate on the Crusaders. They were only following what thought were 'God's Orders'.
If someone that you trusted highly told you that you and your families would die (burn in hell?) if you didn't stop this 'bad guy' from doing something...would you stop them?
I know I would want to help.

So I would say that Religion would be useful to many people. Not in a bad way though.
The 'Christian' God is real, or at least something exactly like him (though not as the 'Bible' portrays him, most-likely). Religion is good to offer someone hope, a purpose in life and can save lives. 
Though it does have it's bad parts, Religion is good for SOME people.


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