Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reincarnation, Past Lives and our Past Identities

So this is a tricky subject to cover this week. Because, as you may already know, our own Past Lives are different. I can't tell you what they are, because I simply can't find out on my own, it's something you will need to do. The only thing I can tell you is my experiences.

A few months ago, when I first made contact with my Spirit Guide, Lacey, I began asking her some questions.
The process was simply. I found a good way to meditate and clear my mind, and I asked a question that changed per session.
This one specific question was this: "Lacey, have I lived in a previous life?"
The answer that popped into my head was: "Yes, of course,"
Surprised, I dug deeper. The next question I asked was "What era?"
After I asked, I immediately had a long vision flash inside my head.

It went like this:

I was standing in Europe, at the almost perfect Stonehenge monument. It looked a little more complete then today, but not 100%. Inside, there was about twenty druids in the center, performing some sort of 'Welcome to Spring' ceremony. They were eating berries together, and laughing merrily.
Me, I was dressed in metal armor, reserved for Knights (I found this out after some research) I had my hand resting on a sword hilt, that was hung on my waist. I was using the other hand to lean against one of the large stone pillars. (I could feel the coldness of the stone, and what it felt like, just like I was really there touching it.)
On my opposite side, another man stood (wearing the same style of armor) there, grinning like he was about to cause trouble.
He stepped forward, and threw a Druid woman to the ground saying "Pagan dog!"
He felt rage flying through my real body (not the body in the vision, so I could tell it was real) I stepped forward, and grabbed him by the shoulder.
"We are here to observe them, nothing else!" I pushed him back out of the main circle of Stonehenge.
"Go care to the horses, now!"
After that, I lost the vision, and woke.

That was the biggest vision I've ever had. I stood up, still feeling angered by the other knight, and felt it all day. It wasn't until the next day that I finally felt better. 

So I began exploring (thanks to great help from Lacey) my past life, but I rarely find anything.
I finally braved up, and asked Lacey if I had ever been married.
To this, she responded "Yes. Miranda Ellington, was her name,"
This name stuck with me ever since that day.

I told you that name, so I could tell you this:

The first vision I ever had was very short, but I remember it because of the emotion that I felt.

I was kneeling on the ground, holding the head of a dying woman. She was beautiful, but I could tell she was in pain. She was wearing a pink dress, and a tall pointed hat, with a veil on the top.
I was wearing the same metal armor as I mentioned above. 
"It's okay," I told her.
She coughed, but responded "I'm afraid not, love,"
I was crying, but fighting to hold back the tears.

The I woke up. I felt incredibly sad, and wanted to cry that morning. I was depressed the entire week, and couldn't shake the events of that vision.

So if someone asked me if Reincarnation was real, I would say "Yes,"
If you look hard enough, there is enough proof for me to believe it.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Guardian Angels and Heavenly Friends Part #2

My experience with Angels is quite new in this life. My Angel/Communicator I've come to call 'Lacey'.
When I say Communicator, I mean that she is the one I go to to tell my other angels things. I've been able to speak with her, but I only hear her answer in my mind, during minor meditation.
Of course, I don't think that 'Lacey' is her real name, but it is the name that we've decided to call her.
     My Spirit Guide, Ambrose, hasn't really began to communicate with me yet. But I will say something, even though I don't get a response.

I've only ever heard Lacey speak outright once. I was having a dream that I didn't like, and I heard "Ben! It's okay! Wake up!" She wasn't shouting, but it was just loud enough to wake me up.
I knew right away that it was her. I felt her filling me with large amounts of happy energy, and I was able to peacefully go back to sleep. 
Now, when I woke up that morning, I asked my mom (The only female human in the house) if she woke me up from the dream, she said that she didn't even know I was having a bad dream. Plus, our house isn't haunted.

So those are the most recent activities of the Spiritual World that I thought I would share.

My Thoughts #1 Guardian Angels and Heavenly Friends

When you were little, did you ever have an 'imaginary friend' that you would talk to, or play with? Ask you parents if you aren't sure.
I remember I had a few, and I even wrote stories about them in my early 'teen' years. But this is an easy indication of 'Other Dimension Beings'.

Now don't think that every imaginary friend is an angel, in some cases (very, very few) the child's 'friend' turns out to be something it's not. It can even get overly protective of the child, and scare or even try to harm the parents. Don't be afraid though, if a child you know is talking to an imaginary friend. Not all of them are evil, and fewer are mean. If you are a praying person, pray over this experience in the child's life, and pray that they remain safe.

Now, back to Guardian Angels.

Do we all have one?
Yes, we all have at least one.
In my case, I had Seven at one time, with me at all times (possibly eight, but I believe the one I was talking to is my Spirit Guide).

Are they the same as Spirit Guides?
No, Angels and Spirit Guides have clear differences.
Angels were never human, and they never will be. They are (like us) created by The All Father (Some call him God, Allah, The Creator, etc.) but they are also more powerful then humans. That is why they protect us.
Spirit Guides are/were humans, and they have possibly lived before us. They trained for a few hundred years to be paired with their 'human' perfectly. They use their experience to help you, and they take your experience and learn from it. So it's a win-win situation; we both learn from the same experience.

Can I be a Spirit Guide?
Well, as far as I know, yes! In fact, if I get the option when I pass on, I'm going to be one. However, it takes a long time to train for this, anywhere from 300 to 700 years; (as I can't remember my time from Heaven, I can't be sure how long exactly).

Do they Leave us during our life here on earth?
I wouldn't think so. They trained a long time to be paired with us, and it wouldn't make sense in my mind to leave before your time is up.

So we are really protected when it comes to Angels. Your birth sign has an angel, you come with an angel/s when you are born, and there are angels that walk around Earth, only interfering if they are allowed.
It isn't a bad thing to talk to your angels. In fact, it is a very good thing! I will talk to mine every once in a while, thank them for doing a good job keeping me safe, and will just talk with them when I feel lonely.
I would highly recommend trying to talk to your Guardian Angels, but be very precise when you call to them. Make sure you make it clear that you want to talk to YOUR guardian angel.

P.S. Angels will never hurt, trick, deceive, or lie to you. They don't sin. So you can trust them. Just get to know them first.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


So because today is the day of Love, I'd thought I'd share my thoughts about today.

When people have been asked about the most important emotion, many would say Love. "If you love, people, then you would treat them equally,"

As Love is very important, Loving other people isn't always the MOST important. Loving yourself is the most important emotion one can have. Because without Love of yourself, how can you express Love to others?

Remember on this Valentines Day, buy yourself something nice too! It's important.

Things to Come in March.

Now that I have plans about my blog, I have weekly articles that I will do my best to write and post. Weekly is easier for me then every day, and a week will give me time to research more, and bring you more knowledge to digest.

Here is a look at the subjects for March:

Crystals: Those Magnificent Little Stones

Guardian Angels: Do we all have one?

Reincarnation: How many of me has there been?

Father Om, Mother Azna and Brother Jesus

I'm also going to explain a little about the art of Writing, if I have time, so good luck with the rest of the month, and Namaste.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Free Will

So what is Free Will?
Many people believe that there is such a thing as Free Will,  but other's aren't quite as sure.

"If God gave us free will, but he wrote how our life is going to be, then how do we have Free Will?"
This is a very good question. But from my research and knowledge, God doesn't write how our lives are going to be alone. While in Heaven, we actually make a 'Chart' of every aspect in our lives. Our friends, family, pets, houses, our weight, style, looks, good things, bad things and when we die (plus many more)
This may seem daunting, or ridiculous, but it is true. Our Spirit Guides are here to help us stick to that Chart, and help us along. We make good and bad things happen, to learn from them. We all need to learn from things in our lives, and that is how God allows us to learn them. By choosing our lessons, we can decide what we need to learn as a human, and what we will wait to learn in a new life.

One is able to see their chart while under heavy meditation, I'm not sure if it is the actual chart, or just the reason for this life. I have tried once to find my chart, but failed.

Free Will is there, but we don't make the choices in this life, we have already made them. Now this life is finding out why we made those decisions.

It's tough, but remember, you already knew what you could handle, it just takes time to go through it.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Who are the Nephilim

From what I've found, many people don't understand the Nephilim, or they are too afraid of what the Nephilim really are, that they decided to lie to themselves about it. I did a lot of digging, and I am about to share what I have found.

These are the three 'things' that I've found people to believe the Nephilim to be.

Son's of God: The first batch of angels who worked with Father God in Heaven, even before humanity started. Some of the angels saw the human men and women, and went to them. They mated with them and had children of their own.

Offspring of the Fallen angels: After some of God's heavenly host mated with the beautiful daughters of mankind, they were cast out of heaven. Where else would they go but Earth, back to their families. The offspring of these 'fallen angels' were called the Nephilim.

The Son's of Seth: This was a tricky one for me to understand. They were supposedly the grandson's of Adam (The first man according to the Christian Bible) and the son's of Cain. These son's supposedly married the 'wicked' daughter's of men; the children that came from this union were the Nephilim.

So which of the three do I believe? The first one. The Son's of God.
Yes, it seems crazy, there being more then one 'Son of God' (Jesus being the first). So let me make one thing straight, well...two actually. 
The term 'Son of God' can really imply any being created by God. Thus, Son of God. In Christian belief, Jesus was the only Son that god had, which is wrong. But in a different perspective, there are more then 201.
     Now how do we know that there are 200 angels that fell from heaven? Well, in the book of Enoch, it says that 200 fell from heaven, and it even names a few of them.

The second thing, is that not all of the angels were male in nature. It doesn't matter what the Christian Religion says, there has been hundreds of records in many other religions that state both genders.
But, the truth that I believe, is that angels have no true gender. They are not like humans, and the don't have a true gender. Instead, they come in the form that appears best to the person they are coming to see.
In the Nephilim's case, they were cast out of heaven when they fell in love and had children with humans. They were the Nephilim, both the Fallen Angels and their children.

The children were not normal humans. They were a completely new race, mixed with human and non human DNA. This made them different then humans. They were said to be much taller, stronger and more powerful then the men of old.
This sounds crazy, but trust men, really tall, strong and powerful people are not the most 'crazy' thing we are going to be looking at.

All of the Greek legends of Zeus, Hercules, and all their powerful legends we real in a sense. All legends are rooted in truth. But like all stories, they are greatly embellished. But if you dig deep enough, you can find some truth.
Goliath in the bible was also a Nephilim, along with his four brothers. They were all eight feet tall or taller.

Also, the Nephilim that lusted after the humans were angry at God, and some sought revenge against him. So, who else to join but the most well know 'Fallen Angel' of them all...satan.
Yes, he was one of the fallen, yet many people don't realize that.
Anyway, some of the Nephilim sought revenge, and began experimenting with the DNA of Earth. This is where the legends of centaurs, cedars, bird men, and the half-and-half creatures came from.

Not all Nephilim were bad though, like Hercules. He was a Nephilim, but was good. He helped people, and became quite a legend.

Alexander the Great could also have been a Nephilim too, because the Egyptians called him 'Son of Ra'. This could have been due to the fact that he was such a powerful person, and Ra was the most powerful Egyptian god.

So however you choose to think of the Nephilim, know that not all of them are good. If you are wanting to be in contact with them, be very careful. I know of a few people who communicate with angels, and it is a very powerful experience.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Welcome to the Phoenix, and Spirit Guides

Just a little word of warning before we get too in depth on this blog...I will be talking about subjects from all view points, not just one. Many people tend to get annoyed, or even angered when this is done, so I am putting it out there right away. If you don't like going against the 'normal way' of things, then I will suggest passing over this blog.

Now, onto business.

Hello, my name is Ben Soul Phoenix. Or Yunde (The 'E' is spoken the same as the 'E' at the end of Cafe). Yunde is the name I gave myself after minor meditation. I'm not sure why that name came to me, but I've prayed over it, and decided to keep it.

Let me tell you a little more about this blog.
This is a journal about my findings and dealings with the higher dimensions, and pretty much anything Spiritual.

My first thought for Soul Phoenix, was to make an online video recording of myself, but as I do not own a decent camera, and a little camera shy, I decided to hide behind cyber words and write a blog. Maybe later on I will upgrade.

Spirit Guides

So who are they? What are they doing here? Are they good? Are they bad? Are they aliens?
I found all these questions on the internet, and the first three were exactly the same questions I first had when I took my first Spiritual Leap.

I'll start from the top: 
So who are they?
Some people have said that spirit guides are our guardian angels, deceased close ones, and even you from a past life. While the first two may be true, I highly doubt the last. 
But I also doubt that Guardian Angels are our Spirit Guides, because the two are completely different things.
From my perspective, Spirit Guides were people just like us at one point. They have either gone through their life once or a few times, or are completely new, and are matched to you for this life time.
(Yes, spirit guides are perfectly matched to you, and your personality. I have come to know this from several different sources, and I believe it myself)
I do not think that there is a 'cap' on how many guides one person can have, but during this life, we do not have a choice in how many we get; only know that the number we have, is the number we need.
I personally have two that I know of.. Ambrose and Lacey. They have both come to help me  in times of need. Ambrose (I'm unsure as to their gender) for instance, has helped me with my school several times now. Lacey, being the first that I have made contact with, has been called on more often. I woke up with negative emotions from a terrible dream, and I actually called out to her, and she made the feelings go away right on the spot. 
So Spirit Guides are, basically, your friend, mentor, and helper.

What are they doing here?
To help you out of course! But this isn't only in your benefit. You Spirit Guide/s was matched to you, so that they also learn something from this lifetime. It's sort of like they are living through your experiences. You agreed to this before you entered this life, so it isn't like they are getting something for nothing. They are here to help you and keep you on your path through life (To keep you on track with your Life Chart, something we will talk about later).

Are they good? and Are they bad?
These two questions answer each other.
Although I can't speak for every Spirit Guide that has, and ever will be; I can say that All Father would not allow evil guardians unto his people, unless that person wanted it to happen, then I can easily say that that Spirit Guide was not issued by the Heaven Council, or All Father himself.
So, yes, they are Good.

Are they Alien?
Well...this can be looked at from two different ways. 
First: They have had a life, or several on earth before becoming a Spirit Guide, meaning that they were born here on earth. No, they are not alien.

Second: They have never been on earth before this life with you, meaning that they are not from earth. Yes, they could be.
To find out for sure, try to ask your Guide where they are from.
They always answer with the truth, and the most direct answer possible, so know what you are asking.

It is possible to communicate with these Guides without help. I simply asked the All Father for protection, as I opened myself to communication, and also direct who you are communicating with. I didn't open myself up to all the negative energies, I directed my attention to my 'Spirit Guide'.
There are also many crystals that help to channel and hear/talk with your Spirit Guides, but I will bring up the topic of Crystals later, as it is a long one.
Remember to not open yourself up to the Universe without help, if you don't believe in the All Father, there isn't much I can tell you. I placed all my trust in him, and it turned out fine.

Look up crystals too. There are dozens of kinds to choose from, and they all do many amazing things. Some assist you in communicating with your Spirit Guides too, like almost any kind of Quartz, clear quartz is the common one. Get some for yourself if you think you need or want help.
I was leery at first, but there is nothing evil about the crystals. They are as natural as breathing.
I can't say that I crystal has been charged with a negative energy before it came into you possession, so I suggest running the crystal individually under cold faucet water. Picture something unclean and covered in dirt, then a beautiful stream of water washing it clean. You can speak to the crystal too, about the water washing away any past energies, (Yes, speak to your crystals. It is nothing odd or stupid about it. It's more the energy that you produce to the crystal itself, as you speak to it).

That's all for now, Namaste.

Ben Soul Phoenix.