Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Manifesting is the practice of allowing positive energies (or negative) into your incarnation. It can be for good health, healthy relationships, finances, and even weather.
But it also can make one poor, sick and have poor relationships.

How does this work Financially?

Example: One man has five million dollars which he inherited. He puts that money to good use, and never worries about his finances again. He never goes back to being poor.

A poor man who sees the rich man gain this money is jealous. This man has very little income, and is always worried about his finances. He has an incredibly hard job, and is always angry about it. He barely gets enough money to get by, and the little that he has he holds on to. He stays this way for the rest of his life.

What happened here? Well, the rich man never worried about his money going away. He isn't manifesting negative energies into his life, and therefor only positive flows through. He never needs to worry about finances, because he is (subconsciously) trusting in the universe to  provide for him.
     The poor man does not allow his money to go away, and is always worried about his money being gone. He is manifesting being poor, and thus, he will remain poor.

But the manifested money doesn't just 'appear' on your kitchen table. Finding a dollar on the street is just another way the universe is providing for you. Maybe a company paid you more then normal, and the error was never found. Every time you find even a little penny, that is positive financial manifestation.

But saving money doesn't mean you are manifesting negative energies into your financial life, saving is a good thing. But do not feel that spending five bucks here or there will hurt. If you are not negative, then there is nothing to worry about.

If you want to manifest money, think about what it would feel like to find $10 lying on the floor, and no one was around to claim it other then you. You should be incredibly happy about finding it.
Allow that feeling to move all through your body. Then picture what you want to do with the extra money? Maybe buy yourself coffee, or the new video game that was just released. Let those thoughts be in your head, and feel what it would be like to receive that.

Do this exercise once or twice a day (more if you have time) but do not become obsessed with it. Money is a tool to be used.

How Can I Manifest Good Health?

This may seem a little easier then manifesting money. Health is a touchy subject, and many people now days are suffering from some sort of poor health. A family member of mine was diagnose with cancer. She kept a positive attitude about it for awhile, but it never really went away. Now it came back, and she no longer has that much of a positive attitude. The cancer is only getting worse.

I would get colds all the time. Several of them a year. It was a slightly uneasy time in life back then, but after I gained a positive attitude about it, they went away. I don't take medication or anything else. I just used my thoughts to keep me happy. I listened to very positive music, and changed my way of thinking.

If you think about it, people who seem depressed or are struggling with something in their life, they get sick or are always sick. This is because of 2 things.

1. Their thoughts of whatever is bothering them has taken over their mind.
2. When you are not thinking about your spiritual self (nothing religious) sickness comes in and takes hold.

This is like what happens with an open cut. The body is still protected by the outer layer of skin, but the cut attracts infections and other nasty things. If it is not properly cared for, it will get infected.

Your mind is like the skin protecting your body. When negative thoughts are all you think about, a 'cut' appears (not physically) and negative things are allowed to come in.

To change this, think positively. When you are absorbing positive emotions and energies, negative ones can not take place.



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