Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gaining God's Favor

Several religions in the world believe that you need to gain God's favor in order to gain entry to Heaven.
Christian's seem to have the strongest view of this (in my experience at least) and I've always NOT liked this.

Viewed from the Christian viewpoint, God created ALL of us out of love. Nothing can separate us from his love...except for sinning. If we were to sin (which the Bible claims that all of us do) if we do not ask for forgiveness, we will be sent to hell.

Other's view that God judges us all after we die, and we have a review of our life and are sent to the appropriate spot. But seeing as all of us sin, I guess we all end up in hell.

Well...I don't believe God is like that. Why would someone who loves us more than anything send us to hell for a few white lies? A man who is responsible for the death of hundreds is just as guilty as the little child that told a little lie to their parents? How does that sound fair?

I'm not saying that people can get away with adultery, murder, theft or all that...but think of it this way.

When we die, we go back up to what Christian's call: Heaven, no matter what. After our life is complete, maybe we are sent to a special room to review our life in front of Father God (or who ever, be creative at this point). Now in Heaven, we are beings of pure light and joy, keep this in mind, as it will come up later.
Upon reviewing our lives, we see everything we have ever done. Every bad thing we did really has an affect on us. We feel what it was like for us and the people that we harmed. Being a person of pure love and joy, these emotions take their tole on us.

But not all is lost. Our 'punishment' if you like, is to make up for what we did wrong. Reincarnation for example, is a way we can try it again.

Now in Heaven, some people say that it would be boring, because everyone is all 'goodie- goodie' and nothing bad would happen. Well, after a feeling of "did he just say that?" I knew how foolish this is. Heaven is a place where negative emotions/energies can not be. But it isn't boring at all.
There most-likely are parties, dances, feasts (many mythologies say that there are eternal feasts in Valhalla, etc), think of anything fun and pull out any negativity in it then add it to the afterlife. That's what it will be like.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Religious Sunglasses

So I've been doing a lot of things this week.
I've reached 25,000 words for my November word challenge ( and I have basically created an entire timeline for an entire galaxy for that book.
Not only that, but I've had time to think.

Picture yourself walking down a beautiful path. The ground beneath you is gravel. There are thick patches of grass that has pushed it's way through the gravel, making the ground very uneven. Thick lines of trees grow on both sides of the path, creating both a wall and a roof for you. Through the tops of the leaves you can see the sun shining down on you. The further you go, the more sparse the ceiling of leaves become. Soon, two suns, shining brightly in your eyes. You are able to see the entire landscape ahead of you clearly. Your vision is clear and you can see thousands of stars and galaxies in the sky above and around you. It is beautiful.

Now, out of nowhere, a pair of sunglasses fall at your feet. You put them on to see if you can see anything more.
Now these galaxies vanish, leaving you standing on the road. The landscape around you is covered in fog, only letting you see what is right in front of you.
The light of the sun now is dimmed. The glasses make it hard to see anything clearly.

Soon, you begin to think that seeing the galaxies and the beauty around you as unimportant or even sinful!
The sun that was once so warm and bright, is not cooler and very dim. You are awestruck at the sun, but you only see one. You have forgotten about the second sun that once was very beautiful. You think 
"That second sun is just a story. There is only one sun!"
More people show up and they are wearing sunglasses too. They also believe that two suns were false, and that the beauty around you is false.
But after awhile, you begin to remember something. You begin to look above your glasses and you catch glimpses of something.
Excited, you take off the glasses and are blinded with new light. It isn't a bad thing, you soon adjust and are able to explore again. The beauty comes back and you see the thousands of stars and galaxies again. There is even a second sun up in the sky, and you scold yourself for ever forgetting something so beautiful.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Age of the Universe

Greetings everyone!

I have a very short topic this week, but I have a very good reason for this.
I am part of a 50,000 word challenge this month and I haven't had a lot of time to think about my blog.
Though never fear! I will be doing my best to post weekly.


According to some, the Earth is only 6-8 thousand years old. Seeing as 'God' created the Earth and the Universe at the same time, then the Universe must be the same age, right?

Well...look at it this way. If the Universe is only 6,750 years old...why can we see stars?
When we see stars in the night sky, we are actually seeing light that has traveled to earth from that star. This is where a Light Year comes into play. Though not a unit of time, Light Years can tell us a great deal about time itself.

For Example:

The Great Andromeda Nebula (A.K.A Andromeda Galaxy) is roughly 2,538,000 light years from earth. The light radiating from that galaxy can be seen from if that light is real, 2,538,000 years should have passed in order for us to see it."

People need to accept the fact that we have believed lies. It may be hard to believe for some, but the Earth isn't a few thousand years old.