Sunday, December 8, 2013


With recent events of my Grandma passing away, I've been asked a few times about 'how I am handling it?'

Well...aside from me saying "I'm alright," I haven't really told anyone the truth.
Even though my Grandma (who also happened to be one of my best friends) is gone in this life, I'm taking it rather well. In fact, I'm quite happy about the entire thing. I don't like the fact that she is gone, and I don't like how she left, but aside from that, it is my view of death that kept me happy about it.

I'll explain...

Have you ever been reading a really amazing book, or watched a TV series that you love, or played a video game that you just had to keep playing to see the end? You go through it expecting the author/writer to come to a good conclusion at the end. But when you reach the last leaves you with a cliffhanger.

My point is this. Life is like that book, show or game. You go through life without knowing what is at the end of this book. Sometimes it is fast, slow, happy, angry, easy, hard or sad. But when you finally reach the end, death, that is your cliffhanger. You don't know what happens until the next book (the Afterlife) is published.
When you 'die' you know all the answers. Your cliffhanger is finally understood. Everything in the 'book' makes sense, you understand every good thing and every bad thing. 

Looking at death this way, made me feel better about my Grandma leaving. I knew she was just at a different chapter and that our stories would connect again in the future.

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