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Indigo Children (Credit to Indigo Connection site)

An Indigo Child is no more or less "important" than any other child. Much has been made of our arrival and presence, but no individual is any more or less significant to the planet or humanity, than any other individual. We serve an important purpose, but all humans do. Many humans never realize their own significance, and one of the primary differences between an Indigo Child and a non-Indigo adult, is we are aware of ours. This often gets mislabeled as 'Sense of Superiority' or 'Acting Like Royalty', when this is not the case. We don't feel like we are better than anyone else, we just know we don't act like the rest of the world, and perpetuate such foolish nonsense among one another, and we simply do not understand why people do the things they do, which make absolutely no sense to us, or on any logical level. Remember- The Indigo Child must understand and comprehend what is going on around them, to be able to digest and process it in their minds!

Traits of an Indigo Child

Indigo Children have extremely high intelligence, and the gift of common sense. They are able to absorb information quickly and thoroughly, with brains like sponges when a subject is of interest to them. An Indigo Child will generally become an expert in anything that interests them. While they are gifted with high intelligence, they will generally not thrive in the typical model of the archaic school system existing today.

The reasons for this are twofold:
1) They will flounder and become bored as their minds are not being stimulated or challenged. This will lead to many 'problems', which may be as mild as simply not paying attention or interacting with their environment, or may manifest as 'disruptive behavior', as they occupy themselves during idle time in nonconstructive ways.
2) The Indigo Child has a built-in 'issue' regarding "authority". Because school is generally the first place authority is encountered, this will be where the symptoms first begin to appear. The issues with authority, are not that the Indigo Child thinks they shouldn't have to listen or look up to anyone, but what we see (and strongly resist) are the flaws in the system, the misuse of power, unfairness, inequality among the ranks, favoritism, willful blindness, incompetence, and idiots with no common sense who have no business being in a position of control or responsible for the welfare of children, and who have no place teaching the future of our youth.

Indigo Children do not 'hate' blindly. They will give every individual a fair chance, but it will not often take long for the individual to establish what the Indigo Child could have assumed in the first place. Indigo Children will be very sensitive to traits shared by future individuals, that are similar to individuals who have hurt or wronged them in the past. Outsiders may often feel an Indigo Child dislikes another individual 'for no good reason', but that reason generally is that either:
1) The Indigo Child has detected critical faults in their moral character and aura.
2) The Indigo Child recognizes traits in the individual that remind them of a previous time they were hurt by an individual sharing similar traits, and learned to avoid it.

The Indigo Child is also sensitive to energetic differences between human entities that incarnated from various planes of the various galaxies. Indigo Children see and recognize individuals on a soul level, and are either drawn to others or repelled by this. There really isn't a human word that explains what the energies are, and all that is at play here, just know its a factor.

Indigo Children have an amazing gift at connecting with children and animals. The energy of Children and animals is purer and less contaminated by the corruption of old energy ways and influence, and animals (of course) never experience this. Children remember much more than their 'adult' counterparts. They love, feel, and express themselves freely, which is very much in line with the way of an Indigo Child.

Indigo Children will be very 'right' and 'left' brained. This means, that the Indigo Child will be able to conduct logical, analytical thinking and strategic planning, as well as be very creative, abstract thinkers. Indigo Children have a need to express, and will enjoy artistic freedom and forms of expression. Incidentally, due the the use of both hemispheres of the brain, many Indigo Children will be ambidextrous, or possess ambidextrous tendencies, though they favor the use of one hand over the other.

Indigo Children will be very balanced in their male/femaleness. Male Indigo Children will be very comfortable (or in touch with) their femininity, and female Indigo Children will be in touch with their more masculine side.

Sexuality will be a double-edged sword, as many Indigo Children will either not be interested in sexual activity at all, or will be very interested in it, and pursuing 'alternative' lifestyles and activities that stimulate and generate feelings of intensity that they will enjoy. Be aware, that some Indigo Children will experience sexual injuries or trauma to the psyche, that will create a strong need for healing in this area. It may be many years (if ever) before the Indigo Child can reconcile with their own sexuality and put these incidents behind them, or truly move on and learn to enjoy this gift with an appropriate partner. Sexuality and trust issues are very closely connected for Indigo Children, particularly once these sacred bonds are broken. Once you lose the trust of an Indigo Child, you should not expect to get it back.

Indigo Children are very good communicators. Communication is a lost art, which complicates the situation. Indigo Children have much to say about themselves and the word, if someone would just ask the questions. When you wonder what is going on in the mind of your Indigo Child, or why the Indigo Child feels a certain way or something distresses them so, ask them! If they know you will listen and they can trust you to hear what they say with an open mind, they will open up and explain.

Indigo Children are natural born diplomats, and will be able to generally see both sides of an issue. While many Indigo Children may have anger issues and feel very destructive, they will generally seek alternatives to resolve problems that do not involve violence. The duality of the Indigo Child, is though they are here to raise the energetic vibration of the planet and create a more peaceful, loving humanity, they will be born into situations that require fight and obstruction, as they dismantle the old energy.

Indigo Children will frequently be misinterpreted and misunderstood, often as being the opposite as what they actually are. One may see an Indigo Child with extreme anger issues and judge or interpret this as the Indigo Child being insensitive or not caring about anything, when in all actuality the reason they are so angry, is because they care so much.

Indigo Children will frequently be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, but this is really a symptom of the Indigo Child, and not a general 'disorder' or neurological problem. The perceived symptom considered an inability to pay attention, is merely the Indigo Child being bored silly with material that does not challenge or stimulate them, and the racing thoughts or manic racing from task to task, is simply a result of the holographic thought process and ability to multitask, that Indigo Children master. ...We don't understand why everyone else cant.

Another misdiagnosis that several Indigo Children may face, is that of Bipolar (Manic Depression). Part of the problem that leads to this, is the fact that Indigo Children can become very upset over things that the average individual doesn't understand the reasoning behind. Indigo Children are very sensitive, and things that go against the moral fiber of whats 'right' and 'wrong', will be greatly distressing. This factor of being so upset so easily (with seemingly little provocation), combined with the fact that once the situation is resolved, the Indigo Child will calm down, is seen as a "mood swing". Some (not all) Indigo Children are very volatile and hypersensitive. Some Indigo Children are extremely shielded, and may show little to no emotion, at all.

You have to keep in mind, Indigo Children are here to change the system. They have to have this sensitivity to wrongs and problems, to create the drive and ambition to correct the problem. If they didn't care, or didn't care enough, then they wouldn't do anything or feel inspired to create change. We are the way we are, for a very important purpose. What really bothers us, is that everyone else seems perfectly okay with the state of the world, or doesn't care enough to do anything to rectify it. A 'good' man who does nothing, is worse than the individual who perpetrates the wrong.

Young Indigo Children should not be medicated. However, if it is too problematic for the caregivers of said Indigo Child to handle the responsibilities of raising the Indigo Child, then in such a case it would be entirely appropriate for them to seek medication. (Translation:If you cant handle a hyper ten-year-old, you take the pill). The only circumstance in which medication is advisable, is as a last resort when the Indigo Child (in extreme cases) may become so hypersensitive to energies and their surroundings, that they are not able to function. This is more appropriate to Adult Indigo Children, as they raise their vibration their sensitivity increases even moreso, and the Adult Indigo Child may be over-stimulated by their senses and the energy around them. (See also 'Ascension Crisis'). Sleep disturbance may become an issue, and if the Indigo Child needs tranquilizers to help them function in a day-to-day living environment, then they should be viewed as a short-term solution, and used on an as-need basis. Avoid medications which require lengthy periods of time to build an effective level. Whenever possible, use medications that can just be used as at the symptom onset, and do not have to be taken on a regular basis, even when the Indigo Child is feeling fine. Avoid synthetic chemicals at all costs. (This is good advice for all humans).

Regarding Depression, many Indigo Children will battle with extreme depression and suicidal thoughts throughout their lifetime. This is a result of the state of the world around them, the interaction with humanity they have experienced, and a sense of hopelessness, when the Indigo Child gives up-Not on themselves, but on the world around them. Indigo Children do not fear "death", for they know there is no such thing, no end to spirit. We long for home, and the thought of death and returning to spirit can be very comforting, for we are going 'home'. Some Indigo Children carry a lot of pain on a soul-level, an ache for "home" which they attempt to recreate here.

Indigo Children also will experience many issues that could lead to depression such as problematic relationships and chronic instability within their lives. Because of these tangible items being at the root of the depression, and not a result of some 'chemical imbalance', most antidepressants will be counter productive for an Indigo Child. In some instances (myself included) they may actually accelerate the problem. Use with caution.

Indigo Children will be very emphatic  in that they feel and 'take on' the energy of those around them, and who they are close to. Indigo Children are wonderful healers, but when healing, they need to be certain to shield themselves from this.

Indigo Children need to learn balance and grounding. An unbalanced, un-grounded Indigo Child is like a dancing live-wire with the attention span of a mosquito on crack. There is so much sensory input, there has to be someplace for it to all go. It just stays stuck in our heads pinging around like so many pinballs. One of the hardest things for the Indigo Child to learn, is mindlessness (the ability to maintain nothing in the mind) and focus. But, once the Indigo Child can harness all that energy and focus it, its like a laser.

Indigo Children embody extremes and may manifest these feelings in traits not expressed above, but when you get to the root of the issue behind it, you will see that it is connected.

Most Indigo Children will not embody the 9 to 5 work model. They will often work independently and for themselves, frequently turning interests and hobbies into businesses. There will be many Indigo Children that do fit in with the system, and they will begin to break through the glass ceiling of the old energy, and repopulate it with the new. One who hates politicians, may become a politician to 'do it right'. Many Indigo Children may find interest in healthcare, which aligns with their healing ability. Some may find government work appealing, as they are able to enforce the rights and laws, and also to protect and help those in need of assistance.

Indigo Children are emphatic by nature. They are very sensitive to the moods and needs of those around them, especially those they are close to. They are frequently clairsentient, meaning they 'pick up' the moods and energies around them. This can be difficult for an Indigo Child, as they may frequently feel 'off' or distressed or agitated, and not know why or understand the underlying cause. It is not uncommon for Indigo Children, especially adult Indigo Children to be depressed or upset and not know why, even when everything should be 'okay'.

Indigo Children are so inquisitive and analytical, they can wrap their minds around anything, and enjoy doing it. They are very gifted with sciences and biology. Because of their concrete 'black and white' 'cause and effect' way of thinking, they generally do well with computers. Computers are also a very rewarding area of interest for the Indigo Child, as there are many complexities and areas to be explored. Languages, coding, art. web design. There are so many facets and directions to go in, and most Indigo Children will follow several at once or at the same time. Indigo Children like things that 'make sense'', and computers fit the bill perfectly.

But, be careful, for Indigo Children are often quite literally "too smart for their own good". They generally posses no malicious intent, but like the 13 year-old hacking the Pentagon, delight in doing things simply because they can. They enjoy taking things apart and seeing how they work. They are builders and architects, of a grand design.

The Credit to the long post I put here does not go to me. I got it from this site

I highly recommend looking it up and exploring the site.
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