Tuesday, July 30, 2013


People have used candles for a long time. They have many uses.
A person sitting in front of a candle meditating, has been popularized to be a pagan ritual or something to do with a witch. Even though they use candles, that doesn't make candles good or bad.

Candles have many uses that we can use without worry of anything unknown. If you take a candle (make sure the color fits your mood) light the candle and make sure it is the only light source in the room. Now take a seat (make sure you are not holding the candle, as you may fall asleep and drop it) and put your hands around the candle. Now think about all the bad things you want to get rid of, and imagine them burning up in the flame of the candle. Take as long as you need with this part. Make sure it is all burned up.

Now be at peace, all your problems are gone. If you still feel bad about it, keep repeating this as often as you need. (Also, stop thinking about it. If you keep thinking about it, you aren't allowing it to burn in the candle)

Candles are used in rituals (both goo and bad) but I haven't learned about them yet. Candles are much more then for looking good or making the area smell nice. They are very valuable to our spiritual nature.

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