Sunday, June 23, 2013

We Are All One

Every living person on Earth (all 7 billion) are all connected. We don't know everyone, obviously, but we are connected spiritually. Let me explain...

We are all energy. Yes we have physical bodies, but our souls are pure energy. Not the energy that can power a computer or a house, it's an energy that powers us. Our energy comes from one source. That source has many names: God, Om, The Holy Spirit, etc. While it is true that God is alive, we are a physical extension of Om himself. Through him, we are all connected.

If we Are One, why do people still hurt other people?
Some people can not feel this connection. They have cut themselves off from being one with everyone. They feel the need to hurt others, because it makes them feel in control. They can not feel the positive from being connected, because they allowed themselves to be cut off.

If one is Cut off, how can the get rejoined?
You can't really be cut off, you only feel that way. In order to 're-open' this connection, you need to find why you cut yourself off in the first place. When you find that, you know how to get around it.

Why don't I feel like I'm connected?
Don't feel bad. The truth is that almost everyone alive today have been cut off from oneness. We need to reconnect fast. Our world is in a terrible state now, because of greed, hatred, and power. Those three things are just a few that will cut yourself off from oneness. You can not care for others when you want everything they have, or you hate them or want to control them.

Is suicide a feeling from not being Connected?
It may be. I believe it is though. The feeling that you want to kill yourself is the worst feeling in the world. If you feel this way, I would suggest meditation. Ask your Spirit Guides for help and to send you loving feelings. Ask your guardian angels. They are here to help. Use them.

~Love and Peace be with you! Namaste

Thursday, June 20, 2013

End of the World

Personally, I do not like "End-of-the-World" scenarios (zombies can not happen at all either) or aliens coming from space to destroy us.
As I do not believe that the Earth itself is billions of years old, I do believe it is older then 6 to 10 thousand.
It isn't really a young planet, it's more in it's late teen-years of life. It's not anywhere close to dying off.

To specific religions, mankind is the supreme ruler of earth and all the creatures found here. To others, we are just warts or annoyances of the planet, and will eventually be eradicated.

Both of  those theories are incorrect, in my opinion. I believe that we are not the supreme rulers of earth, because the Earth is it's own living being. Owning that would be slavery.
But I do not believe that we were here by accident. The planet is our mother (we call her Mother Nature anyway) and we are her children in a sense. She cares for us, but we need to start taking care of her. Everyone can do something to help her out, it just takes time.

As for helping the planet, people need to invest more into clean energy. USE THE SUN! We are next to the greatest power source in out solar system and it's just sitting there. USE IT!
Wind power is still being used, but it needs to be sent all over. Not just to big cities.

I don't consider water a good fuel source for technology. People want to use drinking water as fuel for cars and such, but we need to drink that! Leave the ocean water alone too. We can't use that. Stop damming up rivers and use solar power.

As for zombies, it may be fiction, but people are actually preparing for a zombie apocalypse...excuse me? That will not happen!
If our bodies are taken over by a parasite or something, our souls will leave. Our body will be dead. Then if there is no pilot, then the body can't function. Our spiritual energies will not allow something like that to happen. But if it does, there will be a bunch of rotting bodies just lying there. They won't be running around ripping people apart.

Aliens destroying us seems popular now days. But not all aliens are going to be here to take us out. They may be just as excited to meet a new race as we would be. When that happens, the government and/or people better not screw it up for those of us who would want to start a friendship with the aliens.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Just a Quick Post

A friend of mine was going through great depression recently. He wants everyone to know this:

"All people are wanted by someone, even if you have not yet met them. All people are loved, even if those around you are not showing it. Everyone of us are here for a reason. The Universe has yet to make a useless person. All of us are here for something. Hold out and know that the Universe Loves you," ~AM

What is Writing really?

Aside from writing a blog, I spend almost all of my spare time devoted to writing books. I've gotten my first book complete and it is now in editing. It gave me great pleasure to know that I've completed something that I've been working on for 4 and a half years (I can't imagine what it will feel like when I get it done completely!)

I know many people read books, but I don't think very many respect them.

Think about it...a writer will spend anywhere from a few weeks, to several years of their life to complete a book. They put a little of their very own soul into their writing and the characters. We live with our characters almost 24/7 and some of us know them so well, that we are able to have conversations with them.

To the average reader, a book is an escape, words on a page, an adventure, or just another challenge to accomplish. But books and writings are much more then that.

The the author, their book is their life, the characters are their friends, the worlds of their own design (some times) and the plot is well though out over dozens of hours. It's safe to say that our stories are not stories. They are our adventures that we had and are now sharing with the world.
The next time someone says that they are a writer, don't make fun of them. be amazed.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Unexplained Oddities of Earth

Earth is a curious place. Although many people are fascinated with the stars, there are many curious things to explore here on Earth. Although I can not post all things curious, I can start with a few.

The Ark of the Covenant:

The Holy Grail

The Antikythera Mechanism

The Moai



The Voynich Manuscript

Chichen Itza

The Colosseum

Of course, all of Egypt (Including the Giza Pyramids), Greece, and the old castles are amazing too.

There will be a Part #2 eventually, but this should keep you thinking.



Manifesting is the practice of allowing positive energies (or negative) into your incarnation. It can be for good health, healthy relationships, finances, and even weather.
But it also can make one poor, sick and have poor relationships.

How does this work Financially?

Example: One man has five million dollars which he inherited. He puts that money to good use, and never worries about his finances again. He never goes back to being poor.

A poor man who sees the rich man gain this money is jealous. This man has very little income, and is always worried about his finances. He has an incredibly hard job, and is always angry about it. He barely gets enough money to get by, and the little that he has he holds on to. He stays this way for the rest of his life.

What happened here? Well, the rich man never worried about his money going away. He isn't manifesting negative energies into his life, and therefor only positive flows through. He never needs to worry about finances, because he is (subconsciously) trusting in the universe to  provide for him.
     The poor man does not allow his money to go away, and is always worried about his money being gone. He is manifesting being poor, and thus, he will remain poor.

But the manifested money doesn't just 'appear' on your kitchen table. Finding a dollar on the street is just another way the universe is providing for you. Maybe a company paid you more then normal, and the error was never found. Every time you find even a little penny, that is positive financial manifestation.

But saving money doesn't mean you are manifesting negative energies into your financial life, saving is a good thing. But do not feel that spending five bucks here or there will hurt. If you are not negative, then there is nothing to worry about.

If you want to manifest money, think about what it would feel like to find $10 lying on the floor, and no one was around to claim it other then you. You should be incredibly happy about finding it.
Allow that feeling to move all through your body. Then picture what you want to do with the extra money? Maybe buy yourself coffee, or the new video game that was just released. Let those thoughts be in your head, and feel what it would be like to receive that.

Do this exercise once or twice a day (more if you have time) but do not become obsessed with it. Money is a tool to be used.

How Can I Manifest Good Health?

This may seem a little easier then manifesting money. Health is a touchy subject, and many people now days are suffering from some sort of poor health. A family member of mine was diagnose with cancer. She kept a positive attitude about it for awhile, but it never really went away. Now it came back, and she no longer has that much of a positive attitude. The cancer is only getting worse.

I would get colds all the time. Several of them a year. It was a slightly uneasy time in life back then, but after I gained a positive attitude about it, they went away. I don't take medication or anything else. I just used my thoughts to keep me happy. I listened to very positive music, and changed my way of thinking.

If you think about it, people who seem depressed or are struggling with something in their life, they get sick or are always sick. This is because of 2 things.

1. Their thoughts of whatever is bothering them has taken over their mind.
2. When you are not thinking about your spiritual self (nothing religious) sickness comes in and takes hold.

This is like what happens with an open cut. The body is still protected by the outer layer of skin, but the cut attracts infections and other nasty things. If it is not properly cared for, it will get infected.

Your mind is like the skin protecting your body. When negative thoughts are all you think about, a 'cut' appears (not physically) and negative things are allowed to come in.

To change this, think positively. When you are absorbing positive emotions and energies, negative ones can not take place.



Sunday, June 2, 2013

Egyptian Religion vs Christianity

The Ancient Egyptian religion has many similarities to Christianity, although they also have their major differences.

Isis is the goddess mother to Horus.

Horus was the son of the highest Neter (old name for the rank of god) in Egyptian beliefs. Horus was the god of the sky, sun and moon.

Isis was the daughter of the sky goddess and the earth god. She gave birth to Horus, and then fled to the Nile Delta to protect herself from the murderer of her husband, Set.
It was also said that Isis was a Virgin, and a 'heavenly messenger came to her and told her that she would give birth.

Mary and Jesus

Mary was the virgin mother of Jesus, while he incarnated here on Earth.
A while after Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph fled from Bethlehem to Egypt, to keep Jesus safe from harm.

Jesus was the son of God, who incarnated onto Earth through Mary. God (Om) is the highest being in Christianity.

The Egyptian Sun Disk (Aten) ( was held in high regard in their culture. It was the symbol of the god Ra (
The disk (or halo) was always placed above the head. It was an Egyptian symbol.
     Almost all pictures of Jesus show him with a golden halo (or sun disk) above his head.



The Ankh is the Egyptian cross. It is basically the christian cross, but with a round loop at the top.
Some people think that the Christian cross was just another version of the Ankh.

The christian church all say "amen" at the end of their prayers. It is said both "A-men" and "Ah-men", but both are the same.

The Egyptian good "Amen" (Amun, Amon) was located in Thebes.

People will say it is a coincidence, but I find it suspicious that Christians close their prayers by saying the name of an Egyptian god.

The Epic of Gilgamesh is said to be the oldest written story ever found on Earth.
In the story, it speaks of a global flood that was sent by the gods. It was punishment for the sins of the world.
A large 'Ark' like boat was built and animals were stored there to survive the flood.

Perhaps the story about Noah's flood was taken from the Epic?
(It only speaks of one arks specifically, but unlike the bible, it doesn't say that it was the only one).


Christianity came after the Egyptian Religion. It's just how history lined up. I've had a Christian pastor tell me that the Egyptians copied the word of God, but when I told him how the Egyptian culture came first, he was speechless and didn't reply.

I'm not saying that Christianity is a lie. I believe it is just a retelling of the same stories and events from a different author.

What ever you choose to take away from this is your choice. I'm not forcing you to do/believe anything. I am bringing information forward for you to read.