Thursday, October 31, 2013

Emotions Part #2

Sadness is an emotion that is at large in the world today.
Thousands of people suffer from sadness on a daily basis.
If sadness is just another emotion, why doesn't out 'Emotion Fog' (See Emotional Energy post) run out as fast? What is depression?

Depression isn't just intense sadness. It is something built up inside someone. It started out as just plan emotion, but maybe an event triggered it and it became worse? What was that event?

Once you find out what even caused the sadness to become depression, you can start to destroy it.
Events are a massive force that shape us, even the smallest event can spur us onward, change our lives, change another person's life, do great things or even bad things to us.

I'll explain some events that may trigger depression:

How to Deal with a Bad Relationship: I have never been in a relationship, so many people wouldn't want to hear my advice on this subject. But I know how I want to be treated in a relationship, and how I would treat my partner, plus, I have had reincarnations before, so I can get the basic idea.

A good relationship can come to an end, either the Universe pulled us apart or we just couldn't do it anymore. Either way, the relationship is over. Dealing with this would seem devastating, depending on how intense of a relationship it was. But meditating in the middle of nature can help greatly here. Not only will you find out that something still loves you, you will also discover that the earth itself wants your affection.

Any breakup should be dealt with gently. Don't put yourself back out there if you aren't ready. Don't go looking for someone who reminds you of the person you broke up with, even if that guy/girl was the nicest person you have ever met. Look for someone completely new if you are ready.
Also, if it gets worse for you, don't feel bad about talking to someone. Get out there and release those negative energies that are inside your heart. Get them out there, find out that you are special and that there is always someone that loves you.

Losing your Best Friend: Personally, I have felt this. There was one friend who we spent time with pretty much every day in the summer, and as often as we could during the school year. Then one week he just didn't call or show up anywhere. He changed schools and stopped being friends with us. It sucked. For months my brother and I didn't have anyone else (aside from our family) to hang out with.
If this has happened to you, don't worry. Like what with happened with me, there is always someone. It was around this time that I grew super close with my grandparents. Not only were they my family, they also became my best friends. It may seem lame, but they were both pretty cool people.
Even if that person isn't your age, it doesn't mean that they can't be a friend of yours (people in different situations should be cautious though).
When you lose a best friend, get back out there and look for another friend. You would be surprised at just who wanted your attention. New friends are just waiting to be discovered. Keep looking.

Losing those who are no longer with us: People die, it's just that simple. It sounds harsh, but in reality, death is a beautiful thing, even if the person suffered first. When we die, we move on to another place. This new place is beautiful and full of great things. It is full of happiness and no one hurts there. Some call it Heaven, but it doesn't need a name. It just simply is beautiful.

Though it is hard losing someone, you need to remember the good times you spent with them. Picture them when they were healthy and happy. Picture you favorite times with them, keep their love alive by remembering them by how they were, not how they ended up. Still love them, honor them, burn a candle on their birthday just to honor them. Anything positive. Cry if you need to, but you need to create positive emotions when you think of them.

In the days leading up to my grandmother's passing, I gave her a quartz crystal from my collection. I didn't know why, I just felt the urge to give it to her. When she passed, I got this crystal back. I kept it on my shelf for a while, until I was able to go to my favorite spot up north. I went there with my Grandma once, and she said it was beautiful. She loved how the water sounded and she just really liked the place.
When I was there, I found a place where I was alone and I said my good-bye to her. I told her that I loved her. I put all the sadness I felt into the crystal and I threw it out into the waves. Since then, I haven't felt any sadness about her death. Every time I think of her, it is a happy memory.

More soon!

P.S. It helps to talk to Mother God. She understands the emotional side of things and is there and will comfort you. If you need to vent, she is there for you.


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