Monday, March 10, 2014

An Enjoyable Weekend

This week I spent a day in Madison Wisconsin with my friends. We went to a pretty cool shop (I don't know if I can says names here). They were selling crystals, tarot cards, dream catchers, pendents, amulets, wand, zen gardens...and many, many more cool things. It was a small shop, but the amount of stuff there was amazing!
I went there to buy myself some things, including a set of tarot cards. I've used them before and had readings done, and I always had a positive vibe from them (I'm good with vibes). So I figured it was time to buy my own set for my own personal use.

But I also bought a beautiful piece of quartz. It is about 4 inches long and clear as glass. I've been wanting a piece like that for a long time.

One thing I noticed this weekend is how good I've been feeling lately. After Mercury left it's retrograde pattern, I've had no head aches and I've slept better (with the exception of last night). I've just been getting this positive vibe from the Earth it can't wait until spring. I've started feeling life waking back up in the earth. I can't wait!

I'm thinking that my next post I WILL begin with the official posting again. I miss doing it and sharing that with everyone.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Natural Good vs Natural Evil

I’ve been thinking about a few things lately and I came to think about good and evil. People ask me about why God would let bad things happen to good people, and I never had a direct answer to give them aside from “freedom of choice,”.
Now I’ve come up with an answer: God never said that he was good or evil. It simply said the he simply ‘was’. Evil is a very powerful device in this world. Bad things happen simply because good and bad is a circle. Everything is connected, including good and evil.
If God is only good, then there is a power equal if not * greater than He, Evil. If he is just evil, then that means that the Bible and all the ancient stories were all lies. Do you get my drift?
God doesn’t make bad things happen on his own. Everyone in life has planned out their path in life and bad things happen to teach us lessons that are critical to our very being. The same goes for good things. Everything teaches us.
* when I said that evil was stronger than good, I meant that it is more powerful in a sense where it teaches us better than anything else. But remember that good and bad are both a matter of view.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Religious War Against Religion

Humans are so unique and special. We all have minds of our own, our own personalities, and dozens of things that define us. But one thing (well...ONE of the things) people do not agree on...Religion.

I did the 'going-to-church' thing, and I did it for a long time, but towards the end, I didn't seem to need it anymore. My family was Methodist, but I never titled myself with any ONE religion. I believed (still do) in God and Jesus, but now my views have changed. I no longer need religion in my life, but that doesn't mean I shun it or those who still need it.

Now I know you must be thinking something odd right about now, but I'll explain what I mean by 'need and require'.

Many people experience life and are lost. Religion does help some of those people get 'found'. It gives them a group of people that think (somewhat) the same way they do, and most don't look at you strange when you need help with the religious aspect of your life.
Churches were great for just that. People NEED that feeling of acceptance from other humans, no one knows why, but they just know.

Now how is it that people all need to be accepted someplace, that there is so much hate and dislike spawned by Religions? I'm not just calling out one religion, many of them have been used for reasons to fight each other. Using religion for your personal agenda is bad. Meaning that killing in the name of your religion is wrong, all the time. It doesn't matter which religion it is. Many Religions even say that killing is why do it?

I believe that there is so much dislike between religions is because people don't like change (if they are comfortable with what they know). I have friends that will refuse to talk about religious theories if it goes against their beliefs. Flat out, they won't even accept friendly talk about it where no one is making claims of bashing anyone. It's difficult to deal with, as I really need to watch what I say. It's rather upsetting that we can't have a decent conversation together about it.

Now I respect everyone's beliefs, no matter what they are. Do I abide by those beliefs? Not all the time, because I have my own. I've even been told that (during talks where I am asked to explain my beliefs) I do not come across as threatening or push. The people that I've talked with (emailed actually) said that they enjoyed hearing what I had to say, even though they don't believe it themselves.

Being Open-minded doesn't make one weak in their beliefs, it means that you are strong enough to hear other kinds and change according to what you hear or that you are strong enough not to falter.

(To Be Continued)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

My New Blog (Update!)

So I am making a twin blog on wordpress so I can reach even more people. Here is the link.

Just so you all know, I am managing both blogs (with the same posting) and I don't plan on stopping either one.

Nephilim #2 (Introduction)

So the Nephilim are nothing new, but they remain elusive still.

I wrote about them more than once (twice I believe) but I have new information based on a new book that I've read (I don't have the author's permission to talk about it, so I don't know if I can post the title here).

So to start off, the Nephilim were the children of The Watchers, though it seems to be confusing. The word Nephilim means 'to fall' (with -im meaning plural). The 'Nephilim' didn't fall from Heaven, they were never there to begin with. They were the children of the Watchers, but still, titles don't matter. They were here and they were important.

So I'll start by saying that I don't like how people represent the Nephilim. They are not horned devils or abominations or anything terrible looking. It mentions in many old texts that we are made in their image. So why would the 'gods' make the angels demonic? They look like us too, or at least take our form when showing themselves to humans. So why would two races that look the same spawn evil devil rage beasts?
Nephilim are said and shown to be pretty powerful. They are both good and bad like everyone else, but there are some who have helped us in the past (Prometheus giving fire to the mortals is one that comes to mind).

It also says that the Nephilim were beautiful creatures, they appeared both as men and women as well. So I can not figure out where this image of ugly creatures came from.

Another thing about the Watchers, it was said that their wings were 'clipped' or you could say 'taken away'.
So these old reports of the gods flying around in 'chariots' makes sense if they needed to get around. If they could fly before, they would want to do the same later. As they were vastly intelligent, they would know how to make something to assist them in their flying. Though it could be different as I have never seen one before.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Question Week

So I've been looking all around for some ideas about what to do these past few days. But I haven't been able to find any topics to write about. I am thinking about redoing some of my previous posts, as new information comes up and things just change. I know it seems strange, but now I am researching more and new evidence is popping up all over the place. But for now, here are some questions I found that I will answer.

1. Can Spirituality be Taught?
Being Taught and Sharing Your Experience are two different things. Yes people can teach you different techniques for meditation, astral projection, or anything like that. But it is up to you. Take their teachings as examples instead of lessons.

2. What Good is Spirituality In Modern Times?
Spirituality teaches us (or gives us an example) on how one CAN live life. It helps us get rid of stress in a life full of stressful things, it gives people something to live for, in a sense. True spirituality is not bias to anyone, it holds no racism or anything. It also teaches us equality, how to life healthy and it connects us to our inner selves and with the Universe, to name a few.

3.  Is it Possible to be Friends with Higher Beings? Like Angels or Spirits?
Well...that depends on you. Personally, I feel that I am connected to an angelic being (I'll keep their name to myself, as I don't have their permission to give it away) who just came to me one day. I was attached to her name, not knowing that she was a real being. Then she showed up and stuck around ever since. It's really neat.

4. If God is All Loving, Why Send People to Hell?
This view seems wrong to me. Yes, Father God is all Loving, but Hell is only there if you make it yourself.
Though there is a place where the Fallen Angels went, but it isn't all FIRE AND DAMNATION like some people make it out to be. Hell only exists if you make it exist.

5. Should There be Spiritual Leaders?
Yes and no. Some Spiritual Leaders (or they claim to be 'Leaders' ) take advantage of people. This makes me upset (I won't point out any names or anything) and surprises me how quick people are to take advantage of new things.
Yes, Spiritual Leaders are needed to help guide newer people and show people how it's done.

More to come!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Be Happy

As this is a new year, I thought that I'd start it off with a post about having things and being thankful.

Having new things can always feel nice. A new car, tv, a new computer, or what ever. It feels good right? It is an added bonus when you have bought something that you have been working hard to get the money for.
But is wanting more greed?
Many people will say 'yes' but don't worry about it right now.

Greed, in my opinion, is wanting things for a status rank. A new car can easily 'set you above' your friends and neighbors. But if you want a new car and you don't want it to make you look better than others, that is fine.
Also, wanting a lot of things at once isn't always bad...but just remember that you should worry about what you have first.

The more things that you are truly thankful for, the more the Universe will give you to add to that. When you are thankful, you harmonize and send out good vibes. The Universe loves every little positive vibe it can get. The Universe is like a parent, it loves you and will give you abundance when you are thankful. But it may not come as you expect.

So it is not greed when you want something but you work hard (and legally) to get the money to pay for it. Then you actually worked for it. But don't pass on free things either (just don't take more than you need)

I may post more this week, but it's been pretty strange around here lately. I'll see you all soon.