Monday, July 15, 2013


What to do with Mother Azna,

If you have prayed to Father Om (God) before, you already know how to speak with Azna. But prayer isn't the only way to speak with her. Simply speak to her. She will listen to you at any time.

She will answer prayers in the way she sees best, assist you and aid you when you need her. 

To get her protection (she always protects us, but it makes you feel better if you are afraid) all you need to do is picture her beautiful white light surrounding you. She will come to you in the form you will be most comfortable in, so describing what she looks like is almost impossible. 
She wields a beautiful golden sword that she used to protect us. Picture Her standing over you, holding your hand, anything you feel best with.

She is here to help us, as we are Her's. She doesn't get the recognition that she deserves, although She doesn't seem to personally require it. She seems to help us weather or not we know she is there.
Give her your time, pray to her, talk to her, ask her advice.

She loves us, as we should her.


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