Monday, August 5, 2013

What Makes us Stronger?

All throughout life, people make us believe that we should do what other people do.
"Go to school, get a job, go to college, work hard, save for retirement, die happy,"

Life is not about hardships and punishments. Life is about personal happiness (but share that happiness, don't spread negative or pain)

School is the best example of this: "You need to be the best, you need to pass with good grades or you will not make it in life, you need to graduate, you need to do what we say to succeed in life."

This cycle has gone on for too long, and it hasn't produced anything good. We are at a record high of depression and suicides. Schools are full of bullies and young people ruining their physical health to finish studying. People get out of school and go to a goo college to get a good job in order to pay off their debts. In the end, people regret their decisions in life.
Many people believe that money can not buy happiness, but they sure do spend an awful amount of time trying to make as much money as possible.

That alone should be enough to say that we are doing something wrong. Parents are forcing their children to get jobs to save up for retirement, and we leave our spirituality behind. We are here to work on our spirituality and spread joy. We are not here on this planet to get a job just so some rich person can get richer.

Life is what you need it to be. Don't do things just because others say you need to do it. Only you know what you have planned on your Life Chart. Only your Spirit Guides have access to this. No one else. You know what you need to do. Follow what your inner self says. Trust it and trust the Universe to care for you.


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