Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Atlantis Part #1

Now what I am about to talk about today sounds crazy. I am not making any solid assumptions, I am bringing about a theory that I have heard about.

For many years the tales of Atlantis has amazed and baffled people. It has been a land of mystery, imagination or just plain crazy.

But hard is it to believe that an advanced Human Race lived on an island that sunk off the east shore of America?
Considering that there is a pyramid in Giza that we still can't explain how it was made or what it is for, Atlantis seems like a walk in the park.

But Atlantis wasn't an island where we had super computers and spaceships, Atlantis was a place of peace.
There was ten cities on Atlantis according to Mayan records (The Troano document). While the Earthlings occupied 8 of the cities, there were two more species who inhabited Atlantis. One of them were the Hebrews.

The Hebrews came to Atlantis from another planet in our future. They learned all the 'doing' aspects of life. They were builders. They had a left brain society and were incredibly intelligent.
Earth, being a right brain society were benefited by the Hebrews.
We were able to become friends with each other and we taught the other our ways of life. Soon, both species became an equal minded society.

The other race who came to Atlantis were from a nearby planet called: Mars.

While I will get to the Martians soon, I would highly suggest watching the Human History Movie, by the SpiritScience.

I watched it, and found it to be credible. It's very good for giving you opinions and looking at our history in another perspective. Take from it what you will, but remember to keep an open mind.

So The Hebrews are Aliens?
Yes. Thoth wrote (in the Emerald Tablets) that the Hebrews came from another planet, though it didn't say where. 
Also in the Bible, Hebrews 11:13 clearly mentions "being foreigners and strangers to earth,"

Atlantis was off the East coast?
Yes. A good point of proof is the Bermuda Triangle (which we will talk about soon).

Martians? Get real!
It may sound crazy, but I will start talking about them next. Just stay with me, I will explain why.

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