Monday, May 20, 2013

Titles and Who Should Have Them

I've been reading an interesting topic about Titles. A Title is something that people give others because of certain characteristics or physical traits. Many people don't like that we have so many titles for people, and they get angry when they are placed.

But I think that titles are a good thing.
For example:

I am an Indigo Child. I've known this for a few months and it helped me to know that I was not crazy or strange.  All the traits that I have that made me feel like a picky, sensitive wreck are actually due to my Indigo Personality. I hate being hot, getting wet from rain showers etc, all that and more that I feel are not just me being picky. So having a title helped me figure things out.

There are some titles that are completely stupid.
Like the following: rich, poor, loser, dumb, slut, idiot, wimp, get the picture. To many people around the world, these are bad titles. I do not call them titles, I call them insults. People should get over the fact that another person's journey is different then their's. They may seem crazy or 'dumb' to us, but that is their life, they chose it.

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  1. I think you mean NOT crazy when you wrote: ...and it helped me to know that I was crazy... LOL