Sunday, April 28, 2013

How do we Know What We Believe is Correct?

For the past week, I've been having a conversation with a friend via the internet. She's asked quite a few good questions that got me thinking.
I see where she is coming from, and I respect her belief, as well as other's who believe like her.


How do people know what they believe?

To the Christians who believe that the Bible is God's sacred word, the Mormons are wrong, and the Mormons think that the Christians are wrong.

The Islamic believers believe that the Christians are wrong, and the Christians think the same of the Islamic.

Almost every religion believes that the (insert religion name here) is wrong.

It's enough to drive anyone crazy!

So how can we know for sure who is right?

In my opinion, the Ancients were correct .Even though WE seem to think they worshiped other 'gods', almost EVERY single one believed in The Supreme Creator. They all held him in the highest regard  So what is wrong with that?
In fact, Egyptian Religion and Christianity are almost identical...guess which one came first?

The Egyptian Religion!
Christianity (which wasn't called Christianity at first) came from the original Egyptian religion. Then, Christianity got stronger and was welcomed more by European society. After awhile, Christianity went back and defiled the Egyptian way of belief.

The only difference that I found so far, was that the Egyptians had other 'gods' (Neters) and Christianity didn't allow anything close to a 'god' other then All Father, and Jesus.

So I guess there is no way to answer this question "Who is Correct?" without actually meeting the All Father (either way you slice it, there is more evidence for a 'Higher Power' then there is evidence for not being a 'Higher Power')


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