Thursday, May 2, 2013

Atlantis Part #2

Today's topic talks about aliens and other things that people don't normally talk about in public. Just remember to keep an open mind, I am not saying any of this is the truth, I'm just handing you this information. What you do with it is up to you.

According to Thoth, a little over 1 million years ago the planet of Mars looked very much like Earth. It had oceans, beautiful landscape, trees, an atmosphere, and humanoid beings. Of course, these Martians were more advanced then we humans are today, both in technology and spirituality.

But Mars was not all peace and love. In fact, very close to it's destruction, it was pure distress and many died everyday. Mars became a victim of war and bloodshed. The leaders and people had no love for anything. They completely cut love out of their society, and it became a planet of greed (sound familiar?)

Mars was so named, because it was destroyed by war. To the Romans, the god 'Mars' was the god of war.

How did Mars fall to war? Well that was the cause of the Lucifer Experiment.
This experiment has nothing to do with satan. Remember that the Martians were highly spiritual beings? Well they used that to gain more power by cutting out love and compassion. They became focused of 'self gain' rather then Unity.
Every time the Lucifer Experiment has been used in our Universe it has failed.

It didn't take long for all of Mars to become a place of war. It became clear to some that the planet wouldn't survive and that something had to be done. Instead of trying to stop the fighting, a few of the 'like-minded' Martians built a complex that they used to escape. Which I will discuss below.

Using Google Images, I was able to see quite a few interesting pictures of pyramids on mars.
Although some are clearly photo-shopped, others are directly from NASA. NASA basically said that it was a trick of the eyes or mountains. But if that were so, why are there still pictures that are the same now as when they discovered them? If it was shadow, wouldn't the light have moved?

This complex was built in order to create a living Merkaba. It was easy for the Martians, because they had done it before. When they were able to create this spiritual tool, they used it to take them to a new home.
     Atlantis called to the Martians, and they were pulled forth.
Eventually, the atmosphere on Mars was blown away and all perished. Science has proved that there was once a magnetic system around Mars, because the surface of the planet is slightly magnetized. Implying that there had to be a source of magnetic energy there at some point.

In case you wanted to know, The Earthlings and Hebrews were having a good time with each other. They shared their technologies, ways of life and life was good. But...the Martians were a race spawned in hatred and without love. They came to Atlantis with the thought of taking over. But there were very few Martians compared to the millions upon millions of Earthlings. Eventually we convinced the Martians to live with us, instead of taking us over.

I will talk about what happened after the Martians came here, but it was not good for either race.


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