Monday, May 13, 2013

Atlantis Part #3

When the Martians landed on Earth, they were very angry. They wanted total control over this new home that they landed on and they wanted it fast.
But when they landed here, they were met by the millions of Atlantians who were not going to give up easily. We beat them of course, as we out numbered them and they apparently didn't have enough weapons to beat us. So we won.
But we didn't kill them. We were going to send them back to their home, but they didn't have anywhere to go. Mars was no longer able to support life as it had been destroyed by war and chaos.

So we had no choice. We were not the kind of species to murder thousands of people, so we allowed them to live on the other two spots on Atlantis.
Seeing as the Martians were a 'Left Brained' people and those on Earth were 'Right' brained. The Martians began showing us their technologies and their way of life, and the people of earth began to pick up that and slowly became more 'Left Minded'.

We had an uneasy relationship with the Martians for the entire time of Atlantis. We were always on the verge of conflict, but everyone kept sharing ideas with each other. The people of Atlantis became more 'Left-brained'.
Through dirty politics, the Martians were able to control all the power. They became the leaders of Atlantis.

Now that we have talked about the Martians, Atlantians and the Hebrews, it's time to talk about the spiritual leaders of Atlantis. The Naacals.

The Naacals were the ones who prepared Atlantis for the earthlings to live there, they projected their spiritual energies into the island, which created twelve energy points on the island, based on the Tree of Life ( But the Naacals added two more power points. They took the extra on on top and the second extra point was placed in the water off shore.
Only ten of these points were able to have people living there. The vortexes of energy called people to them, and this is why the Earthlings, Hebrews and the Martians came to Atlantis. They were subconsciously pulled there by their inner spirit.
The Naacals were a very advanced people. They were not able to die because they found a way to keep their bodies immune to the curse of time. They were so in tune with themselves that they were able to pass on when they wished. Their physical bodies could not pass on.

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