Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Everyone has heard laughter. Real laughter can be the best thing that we as a species could ever hear.
It is a sign of pleasure, happiness, and enjoyment.
Everyone laughs, but why? Why is it that when we see something funny, we need to laugh?

Laughter is a natural function of your body. From little on, young children are 'programmed' (for lack of a better word) to laugh when we feel the specific urge. Humans learn by example. Even if we don't know it, our subconscious self learn things from those around us. A good example of this is how children can sometimes pick up traits from other children in their school class.

Laughter can also release happiness into our bodies, that can stop depression, heal us and give us happiness.
Feeling positive emotions (laughing is the easiest way to feel positive) has a positive effect on our bodies, health and souls.

Laughter can bring people together, stop depression and in some cases, help people loose weight.

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