Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Life Charts

I've mentioned Life Charts before, But I never really said what they are.

Here we go:

A Life Chart is basically a Chart that we have used to plan out our life on. It isn't a piece of paper that you can find anywhere, in fact, I really can't tell you what the material is, it may not even be physical at all.
But we write down everything.
Our Birth.
Big Events.
Our looks.
Our Pets.
Our Strengths.
Our Weaknesses.
Our Abilities.
Our Love/s.

Everything that happens in your life, you planned for a reason., Your Angels, Spirit Guides, and possibly God Himself helped to design this Chart with you,before you were born into this life. You made this in a Higher Dimension.

Now that you know what it is, we can move onto Questions that I have found.

If I planned this Chart, why don't I remember it?
Simple. How fun would a book, video game, or movie be If we knew everything that was going to happen?
How much of a learning experience would our Life be if we knew every second of it without experiencing it.
We do not remember our Chart when we are born, because we need to learn it from this perspective.

That isn't possible. Our destinies are all random. Nothing could have Planned it:
If that is what you chose to believe, I won't tell you otherwise.
But I think that it IS possible, and it CAN be done. We've done it already.

But God is the only one who knows the Future. He wrote it all out for us.
Well...yes he does know the future. He helped us write it!

We are the Universe exploring/experiencing itself.
God is the Universe. We are in the Universe. We are an energy extension of God, just like we are a DNA extension of our biological parents.
So yes, we are technically The Universe Experiencing Itself.

Well, if we planned out our lives, why bother living them?
I write books for my hobby. My characters have slain dragons, orcs, goblins, and many other foes.
They use magic, fly, and run kingdoms.
Does that mean I know how to do all those things? No it doesn't. I don't know how to do any of that, but if I LIVED the life of my character, I would learn how.
It's the same thing with Life Charts.

Can I read my Chart while in this Life?
I don't see why not. But that was up to you, not me.
Try contacting you Spirit Guides. They may be able to assist you there.

That's all for today. Namaste!
~Ben Soul Phoenix

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