Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Life and Death

Seeing as Death is a touchy topic, I decided to include it in today's post.

For many generations, people have believed that death will get you to one of several places.

1. Heaven with God.
2. Hell with the devil.
3. Alone in Limbo
4. Into the ground, never to return.
5. Reincarnated into another living being.
6. Nowhere. You just float around in nothingness.

So those are just to name a few. But people tend to need 'facts' to believe in things. If they do not have the facts, (most of them) think that anyone believing in 'Life after Death' is crazy.

My theory is this:

You were born into this world, and you grew up doing many, many things in life. After this, your time arrives to take your spirit (soul) onto the next dimension. This is an easy process, but some people experience pain when their bodies are 'shutting down'. for others, dying is as peaceful as going to sleep, or falling into meditation.
Nonetheless, your physical body wears out, and dies. This should not frighten you, because all life spent is not life wasted. You learn something from your life, how can it be wasted?

Now, when your soul leaves your body, you go into this 'Higher Dimension' (I will talk about dimensions very soon) where the All Father Om and All Mother Azna reside. Here is called Heaven (There are many names for Heaven, which you can easily look for by searching 'Names of Heaven')
While in Heaven, you are brought before the council of God, and welcomed home.
This dimension is so amazing, that your mind is completely able to manifest anything you can think of (like Lucid Dreaming, only here it lasts for eternity). Negativity and evil can not reside here, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

While int his higher state, you have your own home (In my personnel experience, my Guide Lacey, told me I have a lovely cottage aside a maple tree forest. There is a little lake nearby too) this is your place to create. You are able to manifest anything you want.

What about Hell? Who goes there?
The term 'Hell' was used to frighten people into leading good lives for the church.
Even though 'Hell' is a real place, only those who Fell (the devil and the Nephilim) were cast down into Hell.
From what I believe, Hell is just a place where many angry 'being' manifested some nasty things, because they were cast away from all things God.
I do not think we (humans) can go there.

Well why can't we go there?
Jesus died for our sins. If he died for our sins, and we still went to Hell. Then what was the point of Him dying?

Heaven and Hell are the same Place?
Not exactly. Heaven is in God's presence. Hell is not. But in a way, Hell was just what the devil manifested.
Your afterlife can be anything you want it to be. If you are into all that 'eternal suffering' and all that, you can manifest that too.

On Life

Now all of us know what Life is. But does everyone know what Life is about? I wouldn't think so.
I know a few people who think that life is all about living the was you see fit, and when you die, that's it. Life is about pleasure.

Christians believe that you go through life to please God.
They will do anything in their power to obey God, and all he stands for.

I could list many more, but for the sake of time, I wont. for further reading, you can do a simple search on "What is Life About,"

To many people, Life is not about pleasing God, only because you Higher Self, is up there with him already. The 'You' reading this is just an extension of that Higher Self. You have already pleased God, and you are now on a learning experience. Life is about learning new things. You are living your Chart right now, and at a time you decided, you will wake up.
But until then, you are learning everything you came here to learn.

You may have already planned on pleasing God, and if you feel like you are being called to do so, then do so. That opportunity should never be skipped.
Also, if you feel like you are being called to another place (for me, it is Great Britain) then it isn't a bad idea for you to go. I've heard many storied about people returning to their 'Past Home' and remembering things that they don't know going in. For example, one woman went to England on her vacation, not having been there ever before. When she landed, she knew exactly where to go to reach her 'Old Home'. When she got there, she knew everything about the house before entering.

Being called to another place is a great indication that you may have lived there before. Or there is something calling you there as part of your Chart. Someday, I am going to go to Great Britain, because I feel like I am called there for a purpose.

How does Reincarnation fit into your Theory?
Reincarnation is a thing our 'Higher Self' uses, because we can not learn everything we need to learn in one lifetime. So we 'Reincarnate' to learn all that we can.

Is Life or Death More Important?
Like I said, Death is not about dying. You are 'waking up' in a sense.
It's like trying to tell which organ in your body is the most important. It can't be decided, because they all rely on the other to work.

Why do Some People Come into Life hating God, if we Already Love Him?
Then that person's 'Higher Self' does not know what it is like to hate God. You may be experiencing this dislike for God, because you want to know what it truly means to Love him.
In order to be strong in what you believe, you need to know all sides of it. The good and the bad.

I was a Twin, but my sibling died before they were born. What is the point of that?
Well, they have their reasons. But I would think that it is because you needed someone familiar to come into this reality with you. They helped you for as long as they could, they left. It isn't their time to be fully alive.
A brother was actually a twin. But his sister didn't make it.
I think this is because she wanted to make sure he got here okay, and wasn't ready to be here herself.

That's it for now.

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