Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Master Thoth

 According to Ancient Egyptian Religion, Thoth was the god of the moon, god of wisdom, the counter of time, and the inventor of writing and numbers. He is also credited with making the standard 365-day Egyptian calender year, based on the orbit of Earth around the Sun.

He has had a long list of names, throughout history. I've found a few as listed below:

In ancient Egypt, Thoth was also called Tahuti, the God of Justice.
He was said to wear the mask of an Ibis, for reasons I could not find.

Back in Atlantis, he was called Chiquetet Arlich Vomalites.

To the Mayan people, he was Quetzalcoatl

To the Inca, he was Viracocha

The Persians called him Zarathustra. He was their messenger God.

To the Greeks, Hermes was the name they used for Thoth.

So this guy really went around the planet. He was known as a magician, alchemist, and the Record Keeper.
He was said to have helped human kind several times. Before and After we passed through the Void (I'll get to that later), when we began our civilization a second time, and before/after we went to Atlantis.

He deserves to at least have us research him. After all, he did come to help us.

It Thoth a God?
In the ancient sense of the word 'god' yes. Thoth is a god.
But the ancients used the word 'god' for incredibly powerful people. Kings, Pharaohs, Tribal Leaders, etc.
Egyptian Religion believed in one 'All Father' as the supreme ruler of all. But they had 'gods' that carried out the day-to-day operations. They ruled different peoples, while All Father controlled all.
Actually, the word Neter was used in place of the word 'god'. But as people forgot the term Neter, I guess the word 'god' took it's place

Is he an Alien?
Yup. Thoth was not from Earth like we are. I believe that he came from a higher dimension, not the Earth that we can see around us.

Why is he an Ibis?
 I suppose that there is some sort of special meaning, symbolism, or metaphorical meaning behind it. Which may or may not have been lost to time.

Is he Still Alive Today?
I wouldn't doubt it. He is a being from a higher dimension, so I doubt death and decay is a problem to him. If it is, he's probably come up with a means to stop it.

This is just too Crazy to Believe!
Though it may seem strange, remember to keep an open mind. I'm not trying to make you believe, I'm trying to get you to think from different perspectives. I don't worship Thoth,  nor do I believe that he is the Supreme Being. He is simply another Ascended Master to come back and help humanity.

Is Thoth Jesus?
I actually saw this question, and I wanted to throw in my comment.
No. Thoth and Jesus are two different people. Though, they are both Ascended Masters.

Did Thoth Build the Pyramids?
I think he did. The pyramids at Giza are such an amazing thing, and I will dive into them very soon (possibly next week).

That's all for today.

~Ben SP

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