Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reincarnation, Past Lives and our Past Identities

So this is a tricky subject to cover this week. Because, as you may already know, our own Past Lives are different. I can't tell you what they are, because I simply can't find out on my own, it's something you will need to do. The only thing I can tell you is my experiences.

A few months ago, when I first made contact with my Spirit Guide, Lacey, I began asking her some questions.
The process was simply. I found a good way to meditate and clear my mind, and I asked a question that changed per session.
This one specific question was this: "Lacey, have I lived in a previous life?"
The answer that popped into my head was: "Yes, of course,"
Surprised, I dug deeper. The next question I asked was "What era?"
After I asked, I immediately had a long vision flash inside my head.

It went like this:

I was standing in Europe, at the almost perfect Stonehenge monument. It looked a little more complete then today, but not 100%. Inside, there was about twenty druids in the center, performing some sort of 'Welcome to Spring' ceremony. They were eating berries together, and laughing merrily.
Me, I was dressed in metal armor, reserved for Knights (I found this out after some research) I had my hand resting on a sword hilt, that was hung on my waist. I was using the other hand to lean against one of the large stone pillars. (I could feel the coldness of the stone, and what it felt like, just like I was really there touching it.)
On my opposite side, another man stood (wearing the same style of armor) there, grinning like he was about to cause trouble.
He stepped forward, and threw a Druid woman to the ground saying "Pagan dog!"
He felt rage flying through my real body (not the body in the vision, so I could tell it was real) I stepped forward, and grabbed him by the shoulder.
"We are here to observe them, nothing else!" I pushed him back out of the main circle of Stonehenge.
"Go care to the horses, now!"
After that, I lost the vision, and woke.

That was the biggest vision I've ever had. I stood up, still feeling angered by the other knight, and felt it all day. It wasn't until the next day that I finally felt better. 

So I began exploring (thanks to great help from Lacey) my past life, but I rarely find anything.
I finally braved up, and asked Lacey if I had ever been married.
To this, she responded "Yes. Miranda Ellington, was her name,"
This name stuck with me ever since that day.

I told you that name, so I could tell you this:

The first vision I ever had was very short, but I remember it because of the emotion that I felt.

I was kneeling on the ground, holding the head of a dying woman. She was beautiful, but I could tell she was in pain. She was wearing a pink dress, and a tall pointed hat, with a veil on the top.
I was wearing the same metal armor as I mentioned above. 
"It's okay," I told her.
She coughed, but responded "I'm afraid not, love,"
I was crying, but fighting to hold back the tears.

The I woke up. I felt incredibly sad, and wanted to cry that morning. I was depressed the entire week, and couldn't shake the events of that vision.

So if someone asked me if Reincarnation was real, I would say "Yes,"
If you look hard enough, there is enough proof for me to believe it.


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  1. Sometimes we really have to pay attention to our visions. You just never know!