Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Guardian Angels and Heavenly Friends Part #2

My experience with Angels is quite new in this life. My Angel/Communicator I've come to call 'Lacey'.
When I say Communicator, I mean that she is the one I go to to tell my other angels things. I've been able to speak with her, but I only hear her answer in my mind, during minor meditation.
Of course, I don't think that 'Lacey' is her real name, but it is the name that we've decided to call her.
     My Spirit Guide, Ambrose, hasn't really began to communicate with me yet. But I will say something, even though I don't get a response.

I've only ever heard Lacey speak outright once. I was having a dream that I didn't like, and I heard "Ben! It's okay! Wake up!" She wasn't shouting, but it was just loud enough to wake me up.
I knew right away that it was her. I felt her filling me with large amounts of happy energy, and I was able to peacefully go back to sleep. 
Now, when I woke up that morning, I asked my mom (The only female human in the house) if she woke me up from the dream, she said that she didn't even know I was having a bad dream. Plus, our house isn't haunted.

So those are the most recent activities of the Spiritual World that I thought I would share.

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