Friday, February 1, 2013

Welcome to the Phoenix, and Spirit Guides

Just a little word of warning before we get too in depth on this blog...I will be talking about subjects from all view points, not just one. Many people tend to get annoyed, or even angered when this is done, so I am putting it out there right away. If you don't like going against the 'normal way' of things, then I will suggest passing over this blog.

Now, onto business.

Hello, my name is Ben Soul Phoenix. Or Yunde (The 'E' is spoken the same as the 'E' at the end of Cafe). Yunde is the name I gave myself after minor meditation. I'm not sure why that name came to me, but I've prayed over it, and decided to keep it.

Let me tell you a little more about this blog.
This is a journal about my findings and dealings with the higher dimensions, and pretty much anything Spiritual.

My first thought for Soul Phoenix, was to make an online video recording of myself, but as I do not own a decent camera, and a little camera shy, I decided to hide behind cyber words and write a blog. Maybe later on I will upgrade.

Spirit Guides

So who are they? What are they doing here? Are they good? Are they bad? Are they aliens?
I found all these questions on the internet, and the first three were exactly the same questions I first had when I took my first Spiritual Leap.

I'll start from the top: 
So who are they?
Some people have said that spirit guides are our guardian angels, deceased close ones, and even you from a past life. While the first two may be true, I highly doubt the last. 
But I also doubt that Guardian Angels are our Spirit Guides, because the two are completely different things.
From my perspective, Spirit Guides were people just like us at one point. They have either gone through their life once or a few times, or are completely new, and are matched to you for this life time.
(Yes, spirit guides are perfectly matched to you, and your personality. I have come to know this from several different sources, and I believe it myself)
I do not think that there is a 'cap' on how many guides one person can have, but during this life, we do not have a choice in how many we get; only know that the number we have, is the number we need.
I personally have two that I know of.. Ambrose and Lacey. They have both come to help me  in times of need. Ambrose (I'm unsure as to their gender) for instance, has helped me with my school several times now. Lacey, being the first that I have made contact with, has been called on more often. I woke up with negative emotions from a terrible dream, and I actually called out to her, and she made the feelings go away right on the spot. 
So Spirit Guides are, basically, your friend, mentor, and helper.

What are they doing here?
To help you out of course! But this isn't only in your benefit. You Spirit Guide/s was matched to you, so that they also learn something from this lifetime. It's sort of like they are living through your experiences. You agreed to this before you entered this life, so it isn't like they are getting something for nothing. They are here to help you and keep you on your path through life (To keep you on track with your Life Chart, something we will talk about later).

Are they good? and Are they bad?
These two questions answer each other.
Although I can't speak for every Spirit Guide that has, and ever will be; I can say that All Father would not allow evil guardians unto his people, unless that person wanted it to happen, then I can easily say that that Spirit Guide was not issued by the Heaven Council, or All Father himself.
So, yes, they are Good.

Are they Alien?
Well...this can be looked at from two different ways. 
First: They have had a life, or several on earth before becoming a Spirit Guide, meaning that they were born here on earth. No, they are not alien.

Second: They have never been on earth before this life with you, meaning that they are not from earth. Yes, they could be.
To find out for sure, try to ask your Guide where they are from.
They always answer with the truth, and the most direct answer possible, so know what you are asking.

It is possible to communicate with these Guides without help. I simply asked the All Father for protection, as I opened myself to communication, and also direct who you are communicating with. I didn't open myself up to all the negative energies, I directed my attention to my 'Spirit Guide'.
There are also many crystals that help to channel and hear/talk with your Spirit Guides, but I will bring up the topic of Crystals later, as it is a long one.
Remember to not open yourself up to the Universe without help, if you don't believe in the All Father, there isn't much I can tell you. I placed all my trust in him, and it turned out fine.

Look up crystals too. There are dozens of kinds to choose from, and they all do many amazing things. Some assist you in communicating with your Spirit Guides too, like almost any kind of Quartz, clear quartz is the common one. Get some for yourself if you think you need or want help.
I was leery at first, but there is nothing evil about the crystals. They are as natural as breathing.
I can't say that I crystal has been charged with a negative energy before it came into you possession, so I suggest running the crystal individually under cold faucet water. Picture something unclean and covered in dirt, then a beautiful stream of water washing it clean. You can speak to the crystal too, about the water washing away any past energies, (Yes, speak to your crystals. It is nothing odd or stupid about it. It's more the energy that you produce to the crystal itself, as you speak to it).

That's all for now, Namaste.

Ben Soul Phoenix.

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