Wednesday, March 6, 2013


What Are Ghosts?

Ghosts are just a ‘shedding’ of a person’s identity, (like a snake shedding it’s skin, but the skin still stays alive). It needs energy to survive. That is why ‘ghosts’ are able to stick around when people notice them. Our ‘Thought Energy’ is an energy that they can use to survive. The more attention a ghost gets, the longer it can manifest.
Fear is also an energy that spirits use to survive. Seeing as fear can easily be the strongest energy we as humans tend to emit (and the quickest), the ghost will sometimes get us afraid, so they can use that emitted energy to fuel themselves. It isn’t mean from their point of view, it is a survival instinct. Besides, 90% of the time, it doesn’t hurt us physically (unless you freak out and fall down the stairs. That isn’t their intent)

A Residual Haunting is energy that they produced, and that energy only knows what the Residual Ghosts does. It’s an imprint.
It can’t do more then repeat an action (like floating by a window). Our identities are not immortal. We ‘shed’ our old identity when we die, because that isn’t our real identity. We reincarnate many times, each getting a new identity. So we don’t need our old ones.
So when we ‘die’ our identities attach themselves to something that defined us (our favorite place, item, the place where we died, the place we were born, anything that meant a great deal to us in our life) our identities (ghost) wants to survive, so often a Residual Haunt takes place.

What if You Die?

If someone is killed, while having a great desire to survive (like if they were murdered, or you feel that you need to stay behind to help someone that you would be leaving) their ‘Thought Energy’ can imprint itself onto the world, and is able to interact with other people that are sensitive to perceiving them.
If your identity is ‘programmed’ to different things (like someone says hello to the alive you, you would say hello back. So would your shed identity.

I Saw the Ghost of my Loved One. Are They Left Behind?

If you see a ghost of you Loved One, it is not actually them. It is a part of their energy that imprinted on this reality. This is why some ghosts do not understand that they are dead; that energy that got imprinted, was still alive when the Imprinting took place.

Even if they interact with you and are an Intelligent Haunting, the real person has already moved on. This is just some of their energy that stayed behind. Their soul is at rest, and their soul is not left behind.

Why do Some Haunting go Away?

Our ‘Haunting Energy’ naturally dissipates over time. That energy looses it’s traits, and begins to look like a slow moving energy. Which, when light bounces off this slow energy, the color that is created is black. This is the Black Masses that people will often experience.

When so-and-so Passed on, I heard Them Talking To Someone, Who Were They Talking To?

When some people are about the ‘Pass on’ they may begin talking to dead family members, or ones that they cared about. This isn’t a sigh that they are crazy, or slipping.
The person who is dying, may have a strong resistance to the though of dying, and they don’t want to leave. But, the natural flow of energy (Father God, Mother God) knows what will help us pass, (your favorite parent, spouse, friend, pet)
So maybe a Grandmother will feel more comfortable in passing on, if her deceased Husband is there to pull her through the veil, or maybe her deceased  sibling. All this is there to help us move on.
If a person does not know what angels are for their entire life, they may be afraid if Angels showed themselves in their true form, when they come to take you away. So, instead of freaking you out, your loved one is what you see. It’s not a trick.

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