Monday, February 11, 2013

Free Will

So what is Free Will?
Many people believe that there is such a thing as Free Will,  but other's aren't quite as sure.

"If God gave us free will, but he wrote how our life is going to be, then how do we have Free Will?"
This is a very good question. But from my research and knowledge, God doesn't write how our lives are going to be alone. While in Heaven, we actually make a 'Chart' of every aspect in our lives. Our friends, family, pets, houses, our weight, style, looks, good things, bad things and when we die (plus many more)
This may seem daunting, or ridiculous, but it is true. Our Spirit Guides are here to help us stick to that Chart, and help us along. We make good and bad things happen, to learn from them. We all need to learn from things in our lives, and that is how God allows us to learn them. By choosing our lessons, we can decide what we need to learn as a human, and what we will wait to learn in a new life.

One is able to see their chart while under heavy meditation, I'm not sure if it is the actual chart, or just the reason for this life. I have tried once to find my chart, but failed.

Free Will is there, but we don't make the choices in this life, we have already made them. Now this life is finding out why we made those decisions.

It's tough, but remember, you already knew what you could handle, it just takes time to go through it.

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