Thursday, March 14, 2013

Father God, and Mother God

Father God is known by many names. With a quick Google search, I was able to find a hundred different names for God. One which I didn't find, was Om.

Have you ever heard the chant that some monks do? They repeat one word over and over. That word is "Om,"
When I was little, I thought they were humming, but it turns out, they are speaking the word of the Universe. God's name.
So I've adopted the belief that Father God's name is Om.

Besides, the word 'god' is a title. Not a name.

So due to people not liking me saying that suddenly there is a second God, I don't talk about this much. But I think it is worth sharing.

Mother Azna isn't anything new. In fact, she was the one (I believe) that God was talking to when he said "Let us make man in our image," (Genesis). She was once as big a part of Worship as Father God was, until the Bible was changed.
The Bible was changed by a group of men, all of whom did not like the idea of a Female God, so they wrote her out of the Bible, and made Her the Holy Spirit (which had no Gender). 

Mother Azna = The Holy Spirit

Many people claim to have seen Mother Mary, in different situations, but this is almost always Mother Azna. She is the one who interferes with our realm on Father Om's behalf.

Why Does Father God not Interfere With Humanity? Doesn't he Care?

Yes of course! God cares greatly about us! But he is holding together our Universe, and many more. He is creating an uncountable number of lives and destinies, that we as humans couldn't even imagine being able to imagine how many there were.
Yeah...he needs a little help.

When I say that God needs help, I'm not saying that he is weak, and by no means am I taking away from his Divinity, but look at it like this.
A person creates one company, and when that company is large enough, he creates another company. Soon enough, he has fifty buildings, all producing jobs. Now he hires a Secretary to keep track of the day-to-day operations. The Boss creates the company, the secretary fills them. 
The Boss (Om) and the secretary (Azna) also hire managers (Zodiac Angels) to look after different sections of the company. Then they have Human Relations (Personal Guardian Angels) who represent each individual worker (Us) to the Boss.

Now I'm not saying that Om and Azna are different, to me, they are both equal to each other.

Should I Pray to Mother Azna?

In my experience with Mother Azna, I have felt her. She is real.
I talked to Father God (via prayer) and asked him how to go about believing in Mother Azna. I said that I wanted to see if she was real, so I told him to make her known to me, and if she wasn't something I was suppose to talk to, to make me not want to talk with her.
For a week I prayed this, and after every day, that desire to talk with Mother Azna grew stronger. Finally, I could stand waiting anymore, and I prayed to her.
I couldn't believe the results! I felt a massive wave of love and compassion swarm around me, and it made me want to start laughing, I was so happy!
I even felt a response in my head, which is personnel, and I don't really want to share it.

So I believe that Mother Azna is real, and she should be acknowledged.

I Was Brought Up to Believe the First Commandment.

The First Commandment says to "Have No Other Gods Before Me,". Well, if you want to go into that, doesn't it say that The Father (Om) The Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit (Azna) are three in one? So technically, worshiping Azna is the same as Worshiping God. So you are still holding the Commandment.

Some People Believe that God is only Female. 

They have taken to an idea of a Female God, so much, that they totally replaced Father God. No, this is wrong.
Father God is everything, and Mother God is Everything. We should respect both, and not just one.

Was Mary (Jesus' earthly mother) Azna as a Human?

This was a terribly hard question for me to answer. I even asked it myself.
But I've come to realize that it is highly unlikely, but wouldn't surprise me if it were true.
I think that Mary was just another human, who was chosen to have a great destiny. She wasn't a God, she was the vessel to bring God to earth.

Even though Jesus could have just appeared in a golden cloud, and landed in the middle of Bethlehem and say "I'm Jesus! I'm here to save you!" People wouldn't have taken to him.

Picture it. If an alien (as in, not born on Earth) landed in the middle of your hometown and said "I'm God!" Would you have believed him? I doubt it.

So Jesus came to us as a human being, went through all the struggles of life (all of them) and died for our sins. He sent his entire life getting to know us as equals, not as a God. 
So if you want to be a human, you need to come into the world as a human.

What Exactly is it that Azna Does?

Well...pretty much anything. Even though you have Angels and Spirit Guides helping you out,  Azna will come in as a Mother, and help her children, (like all good mothers do).
If you ever need help, you have plenty of people to call on. You Spirit Guides (Help with making decisions, life work, advice, and school work) your Guardian Angels (Help to keep you from physical, mental and emotional harm) and Azna (Who will help with anything)
After you start believing, you will see Om's and Azna's work in your life.

That's all for now, Namaste!
May the Phoenix Fire Burn Bright!


  1. These are my beliefs too. Thank you for making me feel less alone.

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  3. As a Muslim I believe the Bible was corrupted by man, but what you are saying it that a entire god was "edited" out. Could you provide any evidence to show that the Bible is corrupted in the way you think it is? Thanks. -AMuslimArtist