Saturday, January 11, 2014

Question Week

So I've been looking all around for some ideas about what to do these past few days. But I haven't been able to find any topics to write about. I am thinking about redoing some of my previous posts, as new information comes up and things just change. I know it seems strange, but now I am researching more and new evidence is popping up all over the place. But for now, here are some questions I found that I will answer.

1. Can Spirituality be Taught?
Being Taught and Sharing Your Experience are two different things. Yes people can teach you different techniques for meditation, astral projection, or anything like that. But it is up to you. Take their teachings as examples instead of lessons.

2. What Good is Spirituality In Modern Times?
Spirituality teaches us (or gives us an example) on how one CAN live life. It helps us get rid of stress in a life full of stressful things, it gives people something to live for, in a sense. True spirituality is not bias to anyone, it holds no racism or anything. It also teaches us equality, how to life healthy and it connects us to our inner selves and with the Universe, to name a few.

3.  Is it Possible to be Friends with Higher Beings? Like Angels or Spirits?
Well...that depends on you. Personally, I feel that I am connected to an angelic being (I'll keep their name to myself, as I don't have their permission to give it away) who just came to me one day. I was attached to her name, not knowing that she was a real being. Then she showed up and stuck around ever since. It's really neat.

4. If God is All Loving, Why Send People to Hell?
This view seems wrong to me. Yes, Father God is all Loving, but Hell is only there if you make it yourself.
Though there is a place where the Fallen Angels went, but it isn't all FIRE AND DAMNATION like some people make it out to be. Hell only exists if you make it exist.

5. Should There be Spiritual Leaders?
Yes and no. Some Spiritual Leaders (or they claim to be 'Leaders' ) take advantage of people. This makes me upset (I won't point out any names or anything) and surprises me how quick people are to take advantage of new things.
Yes, Spiritual Leaders are needed to help guide newer people and show people how it's done.

More to come!

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