Thursday, January 2, 2014

Be Happy

As this is a new year, I thought that I'd start it off with a post about having things and being thankful.

Having new things can always feel nice. A new car, tv, a new computer, or what ever. It feels good right? It is an added bonus when you have bought something that you have been working hard to get the money for.
But is wanting more greed?
Many people will say 'yes' but don't worry about it right now.

Greed, in my opinion, is wanting things for a status rank. A new car can easily 'set you above' your friends and neighbors. But if you want a new car and you don't want it to make you look better than others, that is fine.
Also, wanting a lot of things at once isn't always bad...but just remember that you should worry about what you have first.

The more things that you are truly thankful for, the more the Universe will give you to add to that. When you are thankful, you harmonize and send out good vibes. The Universe loves every little positive vibe it can get. The Universe is like a parent, it loves you and will give you abundance when you are thankful. But it may not come as you expect.

So it is not greed when you want something but you work hard (and legally) to get the money to pay for it. Then you actually worked for it. But don't pass on free things either (just don't take more than you need)

I may post more this week, but it's been pretty strange around here lately. I'll see you all soon.

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