Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Religious War Against Religion

Humans are so unique and special. We all have minds of our own, our own personalities, and dozens of things that define us. But one thing (well...ONE of the things) people do not agree on...Religion.

I did the 'going-to-church' thing, and I did it for a long time, but towards the end, I didn't seem to need it anymore. My family was Methodist, but I never titled myself with any ONE religion. I believed (still do) in God and Jesus, but now my views have changed. I no longer need religion in my life, but that doesn't mean I shun it or those who still need it.

Now I know you must be thinking something odd right about now, but I'll explain what I mean by 'need and require'.

Many people experience life and are lost. Religion does help some of those people get 'found'. It gives them a group of people that think (somewhat) the same way they do, and most don't look at you strange when you need help with the religious aspect of your life.
Churches were great for just that. People NEED that feeling of acceptance from other humans, no one knows why, but they just know.

Now how is it that people all need to be accepted someplace, that there is so much hate and dislike spawned by Religions? I'm not just calling out one religion, many of them have been used for reasons to fight each other. Using religion for your personal agenda is bad. Meaning that killing in the name of your religion is wrong, all the time. It doesn't matter which religion it is. Many Religions even say that killing is why do it?

I believe that there is so much dislike between religions is because people don't like change (if they are comfortable with what they know). I have friends that will refuse to talk about religious theories if it goes against their beliefs. Flat out, they won't even accept friendly talk about it where no one is making claims of bashing anyone. It's difficult to deal with, as I really need to watch what I say. It's rather upsetting that we can't have a decent conversation together about it.

Now I respect everyone's beliefs, no matter what they are. Do I abide by those beliefs? Not all the time, because I have my own. I've even been told that (during talks where I am asked to explain my beliefs) I do not come across as threatening or push. The people that I've talked with (emailed actually) said that they enjoyed hearing what I had to say, even though they don't believe it themselves.

Being Open-minded doesn't make one weak in their beliefs, it means that you are strong enough to hear other kinds and change according to what you hear or that you are strong enough not to falter.

(To Be Continued)

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